Baby Boy Shower Decorations - Decorating Ideas and Tips

Are you seeking inspired tips and ideas for baby boy shower decorations?

A baby shower for a boy is probably one of the easiest showers to decorate. With a little bit of initiative and some creativity, the decorations can look amazing and make the mom-to-be and the guests feel comfortable and welcome.

Decorating a room for a baby boy's baby shower traditionally needs to be carried out in blue, with some white frills to offset the blue color. For baby boy shower decorations with a difference, try using all different shades of blue, from powder baby blue right through to dark navy blue. The different shades will create contrast and variety for the guests and the mom-to-be to feast their eyes on.

A great idea for a baby boy's baby shower is to have your local photograph shop blow up photographs of the mom-to-be while she was pregnant, and then add a soft blue filter on them. These posters can be put up all around the walls and included in the invitations and gifts for the guests. If the photograph shop can print on normal paper, these posters can be used as table cloths instead of the more traditional linen table cloths.

Need more ideas for baby boy shower decorations?

Balloons are always a favorite for little boys, so have your local party shop blow up tons of balloons with helium, and use different shades of blue. These balloons can be tied to chairs, float on the ceiling, or tied up in bunches to liven up the corners of the room. Some party shops have printed balloons, or can allow you to order balloons to be printed with writing of your choice.

How about baby boy shower decorations for the tables? The tables can be decorated with blue flowers arranged in stork shaped vases, which you can make easily from paper Mache and then spray with blue spray paint. Use a combination of blue roses and white baby's breath to give the tables a professional touch. For another baby boy shower decoration, you could arrange blue and white paper serviettes in shiny polished glasses which will sparkle under the lights.

The place names which will show a guest where he / she should sit can be made from ordinary square shaped boxes which are painted blue. Use old bottle tops to glue to the sides to make wheels, and write the guest's name on top; this is also a great thank you gift for the guests if you fill the boxes with sweets or a piece of the baby shower cake.

The guests can also wear blue crowns, which you can make easily out of thick cardstock, and to make it more personal, write the guests' names on. Add a bit of sparkle to the crowns with blue and white glitter and some beads which you can buy at your local bead shop. The guests can also come dressed as kings and queens to fit the theme - just be sure to mention the dress code on the invitation.

A baby boy's baby shower will be a moment the mom-to-be will never forget, and the photographs and mementos can be kept to show the new arrival just how he was welcomed into the family. Have fun putting up your baby boy shower decorations!

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