Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas - Great Gifts for Your Guests

Are you seeking fun and interesting baby shower party favor ideas?

Baby showers are always so much fun, especially if you are the guest. Not all baby showers provide party favors, but they are a really nice touch.

If you have decided to go with party favors, be creative and provide something that is unique for your guests. They will be pleased about the time and effort you have gone through to ensure a successful baby shower. It is a nice way to say 'thank you' and show your appreciation to the guests for coming. Some great baby shower party favor ideas are discussed in this article.

Popular Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Here are a few unique baby shower party favor ideas for you:

  • Bookmarks: Bookmarks are fairly easy to make, whether you do them by hand or on the computer. Adding personal information, such as the event, time and date of birth if known, can make these a really unique party favor. Design them to match your baby shower theme if you have one. Laminating them will ensure they last for many years.

  • Crafted Jewelry: If you have a creative mind, creating some cute little bracelets with alphabet lettering would be fun. Again, you can personalize with the letters, spelling out each guest's name, or information from the baby shower.

  • Gift Baskets: Creating a large gift basket with items like cosmetics, scrapbooks, pen sets, etc. is another cool baby shower party favor idea. Individually wrap each item in assorted colors, having the gift basket as a centerpiece. Throughout the meal, randomly pull colors out of a bowl and guests with matching colors can reach in and take a gift.

  • Picture Frames: Picture frames are always welcome as a party favor. If all of the guests have children, make the picture frames 'kid' themed. If you want to be really personal, give girl themed frames to guests with girls, and boy themed frames to guests with boys. If you are really familiar with the guests and know their children have particular likes, such as dancing or sports, you can even theme the picture frames more. The frames can pull double duty as name place cards at a large event, with a small note letting the guests know the frames are to be taken home with them after the shower.

  • Candles: Candles are always a nice party favor, and you can theme them in colors to complement your baby shower - pink for girls, blue for boys.

  • Jelly Belly gift jars: Jelly Belly makes 'It's a Girl' and 'It's a Boy' gift jars that make really cute and easy baby shower party favor ideas.

Personalized Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Leaving a personalized touch on baby shower favors is a great idea using the following items:

  • Personalized Baby Shower Hand Lotions: Purse size hand lotions are practical and useful. Labels can be personalized with the shower date, baby names, etc for a nice memorable touch.

  • Mini Scrapbook: This baby shower party favor idea is really nice if you know the guests personally. A small mini scrapbook kit with themes for each guest is a wonderful way to personalize their party favors. Simplify this by sticking to the boy or girl theme. Girl kits for those guests with girls, boy kits for those guests with boys. Wrap them in a cello gift bag with coordinating ribbons. This is a really appropriate party favor if you are having a scrapbook themed baby shower.

  • Personalized Note-Pad: Many stationery companies have thick notepads (1 1/2" h x 2" x 2") that can be personalized. Add a pretty covered paper to match the notepad and tie with a coordinating ribbon.

  • Miniature Book: A miniature book of nursery rhymes can be easily personalized with a handwritten inscription from the expectant parents. This baby shower party favor idea is a lovely way to say thank you to your guests for attending your baby shower.

We are sure that you now have some fabulous ideas on what to do for a unique and special party favor for your upcoming baby shower. Have fun planning your baby shower party favor ideas!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas and Tips?

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