Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas - Tips and Suggestions for Great Favors

Are you seeking inspiration for baby shower party favor ideas?

It is so exciting to throw a baby shower for the mom-to-be!

Baby showers are usually such a pleasant experience filled with fun, family, friends, laughter, and activities. Along with all that, let's not forget delicious snacks, cakes, games and party favors!

Baby shower party favors make baby showers a little more personable and those throwing the baby shower get to use their creative flair in coming up with party favors. Attendees will love and cherish their little party favors and feel greatly appreciated as well.

There are baby shower party favor ideas for all sorts of budgets, so don't be alarmed in thinking you have to spend a lot of money on party favors.

Once you have decided on your baby shower theme and colors, you can feel free to plan for baby shower party favors. You will have to decide whether you want to make your own baby shower favors or purchase them through a store. There are many online stores that offer cute party favors for reasonable prices. There are also plenty of wonderful ideas for homemade party favors, which you can find on the rest of this article as well as on this website by using its search function.

So what are some specific baby shower party favor ideas?

Edible baby shower favors are fairly common at parties. You can bake cookies in the shapes of rattles, a baby footprint, baby faces, cars, rubber duckies, baby booties, bottles, bibs, or the first letter of the baby's name. Decorate with colorful icing and place on a decorative platter. You can also purchase edible treats such as M and M's or skittles and fill up a baby bottle for party favor. Tie a pastel ribbon on the top and make a bow for extra flair.

Those attending the baby shower will also appreciate favors such as decorative candles. For this baby shower party favor idea, consider tying lace around a candle and attaching a poem to it. You can make up your own poem or look for a suitable poem on this website, again by using its search function. If you know the baby's name, you can utilize it in the poem.

Scented soap is a popular baby shower party favor idea. There are all sorts of shapes that scented soap comes in, such as rubber ducks, lambs, cows, and a baby. A great idea is to put scented soap and lotions into a small container. Depending on your budget, you can add massage oil, face cloths, essential oils, and assorted candies.

Coffee mugs that pertain to babies make wonderful baby shower party favors. Fill with assorted candies, cover with cellophane, and tie at the top.

Other baby shower party favor ideas include:

  • Picture frames. You could include a picture of an ultrasound of the baby for an interesting effect.

  • A silver key chain, shaped like a baby, with initials and date engraved.

  • Various stationery items could be wrapped in special baby shower related wrapping paper.

  • How about baby booty place cardholders - these favors can double up as table decorations, too.

  • Stuffed toys, which can also act as decorations.

  • Champagne glasses which are filled with sweets.

With a little time and consideration, you can come up with cute baby shower party favor ideas that fit any budget. If you find yourself not being able to think of an idea that suits you, ask your friends and / or family for their ideas. You probably know a few people who have thrown parties themselves or have attended parties and their experiences could easily help you.

Happy partying!

For more baby shower favor ideas, be sure to check out the rest of this website, either by browsing the related articles and pages, or by using its search function.

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