Baby Shower Thank You Gifts - Presents to Show Your Appreciation

Are you wondering what presents would make great baby shower thank you gifts?

While giving thank you gifts for a baby shower is not traditionally practiced, many mothers to be are so grateful they want to do something special for their guests.

Often, this comes in the form of the favors laid at the place settings around the table. They might blend in with the centerpiece or other decorations at first, but they can consist of items like skin care products, candles or fragrances that are a special treat as the women sit down and see them for the first time.

Shower planners can really show their creativity as far as these baby shower thank you gifts / favors go - the dozen or so smaller gifts can collectively make up a larger piece that sets on a table, either by itself, or in the center of the table where the mother-to-be's gifts are placed until she opens them.

Outside of this, the greatest baby shower thank you gift a mother-to-be can give to her guests is a hand written note which expresses how appreciative she is of the thoughtfulness shown in selecting the gift for the new addition to her family. Great examples would be such lines as the very basic: 'Thank you for not only coming to my shower, but for bringing such a wonderful gift', to the more elaborate line of this following verse: 'Thank you for your presence and your most generous present. Your friendship and loving wishes for our growing family is the gift I cherish most.'

If you have had someone recording the gifts as you opened them, you have a good idea of who gave you what. These are the easy notes to write, and again can be as simple: 'It was great to see you, as always! Thanks for helping make my shower so special,' or as elaborate: 'I love the adorable blanket and matching rattle that you gave me as a shower gift. You have a way of finding the perfect things. I cannot wait to use them on my new little addition.' Either way, your words of gratitude will make great baby shower thank you gifts.

There are gifts that will be as practical as they are appreciated. For them, there are words such as 'Thank you for the baby bath set. I cannot believe how much they have improved since I had my last child. With the padding, the thermometer, and versatility of everything, it will be a pleasure bathing my baby. And the fragrance for the baby bath you chose is perfect - I may use it on myself. Thanks again for your thoughtful choices.'

Then, there are words for the gifts that are just plain frivolous: 'Choosing that dress for my little one was like reading my mind. How did you know! It is possibly something I might not have justified buying myself but if truth be known, I did want it. I cannot wait until it is time for her first pictures in it. Thank you.'

Again, either way, your words will make fine baby shower thank you gifts.

For the faces you cannot place a gift with, there are still special lines that can express how you feel, which will make a great baby shower thank you gift. 'Thank you so much for your adorable gift and thank you also for taking the time to come to my baby shower. Everything is always better when you are around' or 'Thank you so much for coming to my baby shower. It would not have been as fun without you nor would your gift have as much meaning without your presence.'

So, did any of the above baby shower thank you gift ideas appeal to you?

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for Baby Shower Thank You Gifts?

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