Baby Shower Favors Ideas - Tips for Great Gifts for Guests

Are you seeking inspiration for baby shower favors ideas?

Baby showers, like bridal showers, will usually require you to give a favor to your guests.

They are a cute way to show your appreciation to your friends and loved ones, but they don't have to be expensive, and you don't have to go to extremes or get frustrated when you're seeking the perfect baby shower favor.

When you use a little bit of creativity and think about what you want your favors to say, you will find that you wind up choosing the perfect favors for your shower.

Here are some interesting baby shower favors ideas.

  • Are you really, really good at baking or making any kind of candy? This is a great, inexpensive way to show your guests that you appreciate them and to offer a sweet treat. Plus, you can find really inexpensive and adorable boxes to put these sweet treats in. If you're baking something such as cookies, you should make sure that the cookies will fit into the boxes you've chosen. Decorative boxes come in many different price ranges, but you can find them at a reasonable price.

  • Another fun baby shower favors idea that you can either make yourself or purchase at a low price is to offer novelty soaps in the shapes of rubber duckies, baby rattles, or baby booties. When you choose these cute soaps in fragrances that everyone will appreciate, you can feel confident that you're offering a fun, usable baby shower favor.

  • If you're having a themed baby shower or a co-ed baby shower, you'll need to get a little creative with your baby shower favors. Remember that eco-friendly showers of all kinds are more popular than ever, so if you've decided to have an eco-themed baby shower, it might be time to come up with a cute verse and a "baby" or sapling tree. Even if you only give something decorative, your guests will find a place to plant this treasure and think of your event every single time they lay eyes on it. This baby shower favors idea also works well with herbs or flowers.

  • You can be fun, too, and if you know you're having a boy, incorporate "boy" types of favors. For instance, personalize some little cars to give to your guests, but don't just make them cars. A personalized keychain with a cool car can make the statement you're looking for.

  • Why not give a favor of candy? You can choose jelly beans or chocolates, and you can even have them specially wrapped and labeled.

Ultimately, brainstorming baby shower favors ideas shouldn't involve a ton of time or frustration. If you're having a themed shower, then you should quickly and easily be able to come up with lots of great ideas for favors. And even if you're not having a theme to your shower, you will likely find that the best baby shower favors ideas follow a few simple rules.

  • Keep your guests in mind when you're choosing baby shower favors. If you're having a shower with only the women in your life, then you can feel free to be a little more "girly", even if you're having a boy; but if you're having a co-ed baby shower, then you may want to consider edible or more "unisex" favors for this occasion.

  • For baby shower favors ideas, stick with great things that your guests can use later on. Picture frames are a good idea, but when you use something such as this, you shouldn't personalize them, in case guests want to use a photo that has nothing to do with your occasion.

  • Don't spend too much money on your baby shower favors. If you have an idea and it feels like it might be expensive, then consider ways that you can cut costs.

Most of all, when you're looking for baby shower favors ideas, have a budget laid out before you start shopping, and stick to it. This will help you to avoid getting frustrated or spending more than you can afford to on these treasures.

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