Brick Fundraising - Benefits, Tips and Ideas

Brick fundraising might be for you and your group if you are looking for a way to fund a project that will last for a very long time.

This is a popular way to fund building projects of all kinds. From building playgrounds to large public buildings, the brick fundraising trend is hotter than ever and many people are choosing this type of fundraising for their major projects.

Why this is great for contributors

Much of the time, when you choose brick fundraising, you're asking for contributions to your large project and offering to permanently recognize the contribution. In many ways, this can work in the same way as a sponsorship. When businesses and individuals contribute to the total cost of your project, you essentially offer them special thanks in a place where potentially hundreds of others will see it.

Plus, when people contribute to this kind of project, they are looking for the gratification of having done something good - and maybe a little free advertising - but not much else. They aren't buying a product. Many people who contribute to this kind of fundraiser often enjoy the different price options that they have, which offers flexibility to contribute only what's affordable and still have the chance to see their message on a brick.

Why this is great for your organization

Whether you're building a playground or an entire building, brick fundraising is a special way to pull in some major contributors and allow your organization to reap most of the profits. You can choose certain bricks according to the contribution level, but most of them cost much less than you might think. This allows you to profit more and offer free advertising to your contributors for life.

The different price points on bricks or pavers can be really wonderful for your organization, because there will be some major contributors. These are usually businesses which know that with the potential for lifetime advertising, the brick will pay for itself over time. When it's added to the tax benefits of donating money to a fundraiser, brick fundraising will prove to be an economically sound donation in a not so sound economy.

How to do it

When it comes to brick fundraisers, you might not know where to start. There are many fundraising companies who can help you with this, or you can simply find a stone or brick company which specializes in this sort of thing. Much of the time, when you are building something, if you discuss your desires with the project manager, they can line you up with the proper people.

Here are some tips to get you going so you can have the best experience with brick fundraising possible:

  • Know your target group and plan your project accordingly. You don't want to charge too much for your bricks, but you want to make sure to profit as much as possible. Give donors the choice of message for an even better draw.

  • Consider using different price points and different sized bricks. This will help to draw larger contributions from businesses in the area.

  • Generate as much publicity for your brick fundraiser endeavor as possible. Send out newsletters and advertise whenever possible.

  • Allow plenty of time for the fundraising so that as many contributors as possible have an opportunity to contribute to your brick fundraiser.

  • Leave room to grow if possible, especially if you're going to be depending on contributions to help maintain your project in coming years. For instance, add brick pavers to a walkway as more contributions come in the future.

If you're looking for a way to generate a potentially large profit for your organization, then brick fundraising might be just what you need to get the financing your organization really needs.

All the best!

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