Candy Bar Fundraising - Steps, Ideas and Tips

Are you seeking tips and ideas for candy bar fundraising?

Candy-bar fundraisers are a great way to generate huge funds without much investment and a minimal amount of planning.

This is one of the simplest ways to raise funds, especially if you plan your candy bar sales around particular holiday such as Easter or Valentine's Day. This article will get you started on the right path to planning and executing your next candy bar fundraiser.

Advantages of Candy Bar Fundraisers

There are endless advantages to candy bar fundraising. The following are just a few of them.

  • Everyone loves candy bars! This makes sales extremely easy, and many people will buy not just for themselves, but for others as well.

  • The price point of a candy bar fits into anyone's budget. They are inexpensive, and usually under $2.00, which most people have readily available in their pocket.

  • Candy bars come in a variety of types and flavors. There is something for everyone. It's best to have a small assortment, such as with or without nuts, so that you have something that will appeal to anyone.

  • Many candy bar companies offer personalized labels, so the people buying the candy bar know exactly what group or individual they are supporting for this candy bar fundraising exercise.

  • Candy bar companies offer an attractive percentage on sales, and many do not require money up front, making candy bars a very attractive fundraiser for smaller organizations, including non profit organizations.

Getting Started with Candy Bar Fund Raising

The first step to any good fundraising is to have a responsible person in charge. This will help to keep the fundraiser organized and on track. This goes for candy bar fundraising as well. The person should have all the information in regards to the candy bar fundraiser well in advance of the sales start date.

Sometimes, it is a good idea to poll your membership prior to ordering, finding out what types of candy bars would be most popular. Having samples of the candy bars is a good idea, to let people have a taste prior to purchasing. Planning your candy bar fundraiser around a holiday will also help ensure sales are good. A well designed candy bar fundraising event will help ensure that your fundraiser is as successful as possible.

Candy Bar Fund Raising Companies

There are many companies that specialize in helping those interested in candy bar fundraising. Following are some examples.

  • Hershey's: Hershey's is a well recognized brand and one of the most popular candy bars out there. Selling a recognized brand can help ensure success. One of the most popular packages from Hershey's candy bar fundraisers is the $2 candy assortments. They also offer a money saver pack, which is also extremely popular with fundraising groups.

  • The Original One Dollar Bar: The original 'One Dollar Bars' are not available in retail stores. This is a bonus for fundraising as you can advertise a limited supply of this popular candy bar. They offer numerous fundraising packages for groups looking to raise money.

  • Purdy's Chocolates: One of the most popular brands for fundraising is Purdy's. They have all sorts of fundraising packages and incentives. They also specialize in holiday specialty items, such as pumpkin shaped candy bars for Halloween, or Santa shapes for Christmas. Purdy's also offers a good return on your initial investment, so if you are looking for a recognized quality name, Purdy's is worth looking at for your next candy bar fundraising exercise.

Sale Tips For Candy Bar Fundraisers

Following are some selling tips for candy bar fundraising.

  • Always make sure your group or organization name is displayed wherever you are selling your candy bars, even if it is on the box you are carrying door to door. People like to know who they are supporting.

  • If possible, wear a jacket or team uniform with a logo of the group for which you are selling for.

  • Always smile and be polite when fundraising. People prefer to purchase from others who have manners and are pleasant to deal with.

  • Use the buddy system. Having a teammate, co-worker, or family member makes the fundraising much more fun, and that will translate into your attitude. The buddy system is also safer.

  • Never go into anyone's private home while selling your candy bars. Politely explain that you would prefer to wait on the porch while they grab their wallet, but thank them anyway.

  • Never show large amounts of cash, or big bills, while selling your candy bars. If there is a 'team leader' at the fundraiser event, they should be in charge of all the large bills. Children especially should only have small amounts of change on them while selling their candy bars, passing bills off to parents or older team members as soon as they get them.

  • While carrying out candy bar fundraising, always thank the person who is purchasing from you.

You should be well on your way to heading up your very own candy bar fundraiser for your group or team. Following the few basic steps above will help ensure that your candy bar fundraiser will be a successful one.

All the best!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Tips and Ideas for Candy Bar Fundraising?

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