Fundraising Buttons - Tips and Ideas for this Fundraiser

Fundraising buttons are unique and a nice way to not only raise funds for your foundation, but to also bring awareness to your cause.

Buttons can be easily made using a hand press or bench press at home, or you can special order just about any style or shape from a supplier who specializes in buttons and fundraising.

This article will give you some great ideas about utilizing buttons for your fundraiser.

Benefits of Buttons for Fundraising

One of the unique and really nice things about using buttons for fundraising purposes is that they can be personalized for a specific event, cause, or even person. If you are raising funds for an individual, you can personalize the fundraising buttons with his / her photo and a saying specific to his / her cause.

Many people collect all types of buttons. They are inexpensive and fun to display. As they are so versatile, they are an easy sell, which is what you want when raising funds!

Button Making Ideas

Buttons are easy, and even more importantly, fun to make. You can be as creative as you like when making your fundraising buttons. Here are some ideas.

  • Show support for your school football or baseball team while raising funds for them at the same time. Get a group shot of the team, and use the school colors as a background. How fun to see everyone in the school wearing a team button. It's all about the school spirit!

  • If you are holding an awards ceremony, or any other big event, buttons can be used from identification to a platform for nominees. If it is something like a homecoming dance, you can have buttons for sale at the door to support the nominees running for Homecoming King and Queen.

  • Schools are a great place full of unlimited ideas for fundraising buttons. Even a simple button with the school logo, colors, and name are a hit with kids and parents alike. Set up a box in the office, as well as at all school events, such as a school fair, to sell the buttons. Having them for sale a few times a year, rather than having them for sale all year round, will ensure people buy them right away. Have a different one for each semester, offer them as 'limited editions', and watch how many kids try to collect the entire series.

  • If you know someone who is suffering from a disease and needs some help with medical bills, fundraising buttons are an amazing way to bring awareness to their cause. Use their photo and the name of the disease, with their permission of course, as well as any identifying symbol, such as the pink ribbon for breast cancer support.

  • Any non-profit sports group will benefit from button sales. It is a great way to advertise not only the sports group, but key information as well. If you need to promote minor hockey, you could have the club logo, website link and phone number info on the button.

  • Remember that if you are ordering your fundraising buttons - and there are a lot of companies online wanting your business - the more you buy, the better the price.

  • People love to share with others what they support. In addition to that, every person who sees that button, is that much more likely to look up your fundraising efforts. This can only have a positive effect on your fundraising efforts.

You should now have more than enough information to get started on your fundraising button project. All the best!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Tips and Ideas for Fundraising Buttons?

Do YOU have in mind some useful ideas, pointers and tips for fundraising buttons? Share and write about these tips and ideas here!

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