Fundraising with Popcorn - Useful Ideas and Tips

Are you thinking of carrying out fundraising with popcorn?

If you're like many, you're getting tired of the same old cookie dough and candy bar fundraisers, and you're seeking something different.

Your group needs to raise money, but with the economy the way it is, you might be finding that your profits are sliding. You should know that you can make money and give people something fun and different that they really want when you consider fundraising with popcorn.

Okay, so you know people who love popcorn and everyone in your group knows someone who loves popcorn, so maybe this will be a great way for your group to fundraise this year. You should know some tricks that will help you to raise even more money than before, and have a fun and easy fundraiser that everyone can enjoy.

  • When you're fundraising with popcorn, it's really important to decide if you will have your group carry an inventory, or if you will do more of a "door to door" sales sort of thing. There are benefits to both, so you might have to see what your group thinks about the situation. Choosing to carry an inventory is great if you have enough money to shell out at the beginning of your fundraiser, because you keep the full amount of any product that you sell, but for this, you will need to set a "quota", because most companies don't take the unsold product back.

  • If you're going to be doing a door to door sales approach, it's important to make sure that your group is willing to partake in this sort of activity, because that can mean a lot of people that you don't know, as well as cash handling and other frustrations that can go along with this type of sales. However, this method can actually improve your overall sales if you have a few people who can get lots of orders.

  • Consider flavored or gourmet popcorn for a fun twist on the good old ordinary type of popcorn that many others might be selling. Remember, fundraising with popcorn is popular, so it's a good idea to try to find a flavorful but unique alternative to ordinary popcorn when you can.

  • Know your profit margin when you're planning to sell popcorn. This is especially important if you will be planning to carry an inventory, because you will have already paid for the popcorn. Make sure to keep things fair, though, and don't overcharge people who are trying to help you out.

  • Another important factor when choosing fundraising with popcorn is to know the economics in your area. For instance, if you live in an area with low or lower middle class people, you will likely want to choose a popcorn fundraiser that offers lower cost options. This will help you to maximize your sales and prevent people from walking away due to the high cost of what you're offering.

  • If you're planning to do a popcorn fundraiser, consider selling tins of flavored popcorn during times that people traditionally do a lot of entertaining, such as the holidays, and you will likely see your sales increase.

Fundraising with popcorn can be a great, healthy alternative to many of your high calorie snacks that people use when trying to raise money for their group, but you should take many different factors into account before you commit to ensure that you and your group have maximum success for your efforts.

With these basic tips and ideas, you should now be in a much better position to begin your organization's efforts of fundraising with popcorn. Have fun with this fundraiser activity!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Tips and Ideas for Fundraising with Popcorn?

Do YOU have in mind some useful ideas, pointers and tips for fundraising with popcorn? Share and write about these tips and ideas here!

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