Coupon Book Fundraising - Tips, Ideas and Benefits

Do you need some tips and ideas for coupon book fundraising?

Some suggestions, as well as the benefits of coupon fundraisers and how to do it, are discussed here.

Billions of dollars are raised each year by schools, youth groups, non-profit organizations and countless clubs through the sales of services and various consumer products with the use of coupons in a book. Though this method costs slightly more advertising dollars than most standard forms of fundraising, it provides an array of features that assure you of profitable returns.

First of all, coupon book fundraising puts your business in the eye of the public for longer periods of time offering ongoing services rather than a single event. For instance, your community might offer a coupon book to tourists or newcomers through the local chamber of commerce or welcome center with coupons lasting the entire summer.

It is a well known fact that product sales is consistently one of the most effective forms of fundraising, and each time someone thumbs through the book, your service is offered for the length of the date indicated. If you are a restaurant, for instance, and your coupon is a 2-for one deal, the potential savings for travelers can be invaluable; very worth their giving you a try. The advertising potential is priceless for entertainment spots and shopping malls.

Many companies which organize coupon book fundraising offer a no risk consignment format with structure and layout tailored to the need of the companies represented. This means you will pay for only the coupon books you sell. They take care of printing and delivering an allotted number to each business or organization they represent, and they have staff that will help you optimize the effectiveness of your distribution. This includes helping you write letters to your supporters, setting up a website, and helping you keep all accounts current.

Literally thousands of individual consumers as well as large organizations use coupon book fundraising - schools, churches and civic organizations, to name just a few. Franchises such as Subway and McDonalds use coupons repeatedly because of consistent new business. Steak houses and places like Bob Evans Farms' Restaurants give coupons credit for increased sales as well as customer count. "Coupons work all year and keep my business steady," says a satisfied customer, and you can't beat that.

Coupon books are used for sale and fundraising in major metro areas all over the United States and Canada. Most give up to 50% off discount (buy one get one free) offers to new or local restaurants you may not be able to otherwise afford. Other great discounts might be at grocery stores, or to boost matinee sales at the local theater, for hotel / motel rooms and advertising other prominent establishments.

When it comes to coupon book fundraising, for organizations and schools that have specific goals such as sending kids to camp the next year, or the band to competitions or church youth to the mission field, these can be stated at the bottom of the coupons - proceeds go to local youth for: and then reveal the cause. People are most ready to give when they can see the worthiness of the end result, and this will, of course, improve the effectiveness of your coupon book fundraising efforts.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Tips and Ideas for Coupon Book Fundraising?

Do YOU have in mind some useful ideas, pointers and tips for coupon book fundraising? Share and write about these tips and ideas here!

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