Cheap Honeymoon Ideas - Inexpensive Romance on a Budget

Are you on a tight budget and searching for cheap honeymoon ideas?

While the top honeymoon spots for couples might include Hawaii, Mexico, Tahiti, France, the Virgin Islands - US or British, and Jamaica, and no doubt, some of world's most romantic spots, they do not define honeymoon for everyone.

There are absolutely superb places all over the world - often right in a couple's backyard, that exist just for the looking.

Outside of getting a hotel in your own hometown, which is possibly the cheapest honeymoon around, you could consider camping - a very cheap honeymoon idea. 'Roughing it' is certainly not considered a bad way to spend a honeymoon by thousands of people every year. To them, 'under the stars' is a form of freedom that is not only romantic, but quite liberating as well.

If this describes you and your spouse to be, a camping honeymoon does not have to take place in your backyard. They can be quite affordable, get you anywhere from the beach to a mountaintop, and still let a couple get to know each other while they 'get in touch with nature.'

The key to a great getaway from it all is finding the perfect campground and researching the subject a bit if you are not that familiar with where you are going. You will also need a list of equipment necessary for where you are going.

As part of this cheap honeymoon idea, do not forget to look up the parks within a 100 to 150 mile radius, national parks for wilderness camping or for beach lovers and nation parks that offer romantic getaways. Actually, you do not even have to stay at the same place every night if you would like to get in some sight seeing.

Need more cheap honeymoon ideas and suggestions?

For decades, the ski resorts of Red River, New Mexico has been a very popular getaway destination in the US. Often called the 'ski town of the Southwest', the area's top elevation is 10354 feet, with a vertical drop of 1601 feet down the face of its mountains. For those who ski and live in the area, it can be a great escape, or a new experience for those who don't.

Here's another cheap honeymoon idea - visit cities right around where you live that you have never taken the time to explore. A friend and her new husband had a marvelous time in San Francisco, California - the travel time was three hours.

There are the famous places like Fisherman's Wharf and Chinatown with its eight streets and eleven alleys of history and culture. But you will also find not only the popular restaurants and tourist shops, but hundreds of local establishments run by local people; and you will be introduced to the sights, smells and sounds distinctive only to that area.

This happened to another couple who lived in the vicinity of several vacation spots in Florida. Planning a quiet getaway that encompassed the beautiful white beaches of St Augustine, they stumbled upon a lush and romantic setting along with an intriguing history tied to the freedom of the south which is still standing today as one of the oldest forts in the US - the Castillo de San Marcos. And many of the beaches were not only beautiful, but quiet, only allowing pedestrians.

All in all, romantic yet cheap honeymoon ideas are limited only by your imagination and spirit of adventure, so let your creative juices flow - you can still have a wonderfully romantic time on a budget.

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