Top Honeymoon Spots - Wonderful Destinations and Attractions

Are you tying the knot soon and wondering where the top honeymoon spots are?

Getting married is an exciting and wonderful milestone for couples, and planning the honeymoon can be quite an exciting experience as well.

Engaged couples love to think about and research the hot spots for honeymoons, whether they are looking for romance, action-packed fun, or peace and serenity. Read on for information on some top honeymoon spots around the world.


One top honeymoon spot is the beautiful island of Hawaii. Newlyweds simply love to spend a week or more soaking up the sun's rays, sipping on a fruit-flavored, ice-cold drinks, while lying on the beach working on their tan. If you love to be pampered, Hawaii will pamper you with sun, fun, and plenty of exciting activities.

There are numerous luxury resorts that offer Ultimate Honeymoon packages that may include couple's massages, romantic dinners, and even a rental car. There are resorts for the lavish spenders as well as those on a tight budget.

There are also plenty of things to do on the island. Consider taking a helicopter ride over the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific" or scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, or surfing. Spending your honeymoon with your spouse on Hawaii will surely be an unforgettable experience.

Acapulco, Mexico

Mexico has always been a popular honeymoon destination, with Acapulco ranking very high due to its explosive nightlife and pristine beaches. Weather wise, Acapulco's temperature hovers around 80 degrees throughout the year and honeymooners love to soak up the gorgeous sunrays while sipping their favorite cool drinks.

There are plenty of activities as well, including snorkeling, scuba diving, and crashing the waves in a jet ski. There are numerous gourmet restaurants and a variety of resorts that will fit everyone's budget. Mexico is surely a destination worth visiting as newlyweds seeking unforgettable experiences at top honeymoon spots.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Perhaps you aren't getting married in Las Vegas, but if you want an exciting and action-packed honeymoon, then Las Vegas, or Sin City, is the place to go. There are tons of attractions and amazing nightlife, as the city really doesn't ever sleep, making it a top honeymoon attraction.

Perhaps you'd like to try your luck at one of the many casinos, or for the thrill-seeker, give indoor sky diving a try. For those that love museums, there are plenty of them to choose from, and for those that love to be pampered, there are hundreds of resorts that will wine and dine you, treat you like a star, and provide you with an amazing vacation.

Venice, Italy

If you have a taste for rich culture and Mediterranean architecture and would like a serene and beautiful destination, then you'll want to visit Venice, Italy for your honeymoon. Many tourists boast about the historic architecture, cobblestone roads, and the absence of motor vehicles. At this top honeymoon spot, it's like stepping back in time to a simpler way of life.

Walking or taking a small boat are the primary methods of transportation, and residents and tourists don't seem to mind. Popular attractions are St. Mark's Square, where you will find plenty of quaint shops, cafes, and be able to enjoy live music in the evenings, and St. Mark's Basilica, which is an exquisite historical church with astounding architectural flair. One thing is certain - you can't go wrong with a honeymoon to Venice.

Paris, France

Picture yourself hand in hand in the romance capital of the world. Paris is definitely one of the top honeymoon spots in the world, as it is simply full of beautiful sights and activities for newlyweds.

At this top honeymoon spot, you could tour the Eiffel Tower or the Cathedral of Notre Dame, stay in some of the most romantic resorts in the world, and eat gourmet till your heart's content. France also offers a wide assortment of art galleries and museums, as well as Disneyland for those newlyweds looking for thrills and excitement.

Though you may think Paris is out of your budget, it really isn't, because there are accommodations for those on a strict budget as well as luxurious grand hotels. Regardless of the accommodation you choose, you will have plenty of opportunities to explore one of the top honeymoon spots with your spouse and create unforgettable memories.

Have a wonderful time celebrating your marriage!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for the Top Honeymoon Spots in the World?

Do YOU have in mind some great ideas and tips for the best honeymoon destinations and locations in the world? You may be talking about the absolute top 10 romantic getaways, or cheap and affordable places for a honeymoon vacation on a budget - it doesn't matter. Share and write about your top honeymoon spots here!

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