Best Honeymoon Spots in the World - Top Destinations to Savor

Are you wondering what the best honeymoon spots in the world are?

No matter where you look for the best places to honeymoon, you will never find the same list twice. Even the dozens of places are varied and, in many instances, contradicting.

However, according to Modern Bride, which polls regularly, and feels it has a varied cliental reading their publication, the top twenty follow below. Surprisingly enough, standards such as England, the Bahamas, Canada, Alaska, California and Florida were not among them; and places such as New York, Las Vegas and New England were overlooked, as well.

Hawaii topped almost every list of the best honeymoon spots on the internet. According to the popular bridal publication, Italy was next and Tahiti brought in a close third. Anguilla, Fiji and St Lucia were next, sandwiching Mexico between them and St Bart's and Jamaica.

France was in the number ten spot, with Bali, Bermuda, Costa Rica and Greece sandwiching South Africa. The remaining five are the US and British Virgin Island, Turks & Caicos, Nevis and Australia at number twenty of the best honeymoon spots.

For the very first getaway a husband and wife will spend together, it is a big deal to get it right. Finding the perfect place that is not only intimate, but a good blend of relaxing and adventurous, can not only tax the budget but the brain as well. Of course, pampering and great amenities would be part of perfect, as would romantic and elegant without breaking the bank. All these adding to the wonderful memories you can carry away with you.

Most men are happy with any honeymoon destination the bride is happy with, and most women are happy if he is happy. So whether it is the secluded island you pick for your hot spot, a city known for its enchanting qualities, a particular state or country or a famous place you have always wanted to see, such as the Eiffel Tower, little will make too much difference if you are both happy - this is a key thing to bear in mind as you try to find the best honeymoon spot.

There are several sites that have mapped out such strategies, such as the top ten most romantic hotels all around the world, the top ten most romantic destinations, or the top ten Wine Country Inns within and outside of the US, with all the research done for you. You simply have to choose and arrange for reservations and transportation fare.

For many people, planning to spend their honeymoon in one of the best honeymoon spots around has a lot to do with their time schedule, when they are planning to marry, and how much funds are available. Adventurers also consider prospects like skydiving, cliff climbing, or watching the results of an active volcano.

Others want the best honeymoon spots for total seclusion - they want only to have romantic dinners and quiet time in their room. For either of these type of couples, a vacation packaged planned by someone else would probably work out well, whether it was a getaway tucked on the Pacific Coast somewhere or soaking up sun on the Mexican Riviera.

Other great places online to shop for ideas as well as help are sites such as: Romantic Weekend Getaways for Couples, Caribbean Honeymoon Ideas, A Romantic Wilderness Honeymoon in Alaska, and Ideas for a Branson Missouri Honeymoon for those who are into shows, musicals and adventurous fun.

Have fun in your search for the best honeymoon spots, and, certainly, have a wonderful honeymoon vacation getaway!

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