Christmas Tree Themes Which Reflect Your Message, Personality, Organization or Business

Are you seeking ideas and inspiration for Christmas tree themes?

One of the things people do at Christmas is decorate their homes to celebrate the season. And most holiday decorations include some type of Christmas tree.

Many people simply place ornaments that may have either been handed down, have special meaning, or simply caught the eye of the person decorating. Other people, however, like to have a certain theme when decorating for the holidays. Christmas tree themes are becoming increasingly popular as families, organizations, and businesses combine their Christmas tree decorations with a theme specific for that group.

For example, your church group will definitely wish to incorporate a theme celebrating the birth of Christ and the meaning of Christmas. This would include a star or angel at the top, as found on most traditional Christmas trees, along with ornaments including nativity scenes, wise men and other symbols of the Christmas season.

For a home that includes military personnel, you can create a patriotic Christmas tree by adding small flags or other military insignia to your tree. If the military personnel is currently deployed, you can include ornaments that include pictures of your loved one as well as yellow ribbons (the universal symbol of a family that is waiting for a soldier to return).

For your office or business, include items in your Christmas tree theme that will also help advertise your business. For example, if you own a hardware store, you can decorate your tree using a handyman theme. There are a number of tools that are small enough to hang on your tree, such as wrenches, screwdrivers and pliers.

If you own a bakery, you can have edible ornaments on your tree. Include individually wrapped desserts and let customers purchase their goodies directly from your tree. You can add fresh baked goods daily. If you own a pet store or grooming business, you can include pet toys in your decorations. When decorating for your business, make sure that you incorporate items for your business in your decorations.

If you belong to a civic organization or work for a nonprofit organization, use your agency or organization mission to create a unique Christmas tree theme. For example, if you work for a domestic violence prevention center, you can use purple (the universal color for domestic violence prevention) in your theme. If you are able to place your tree in a community center or downtown location where it will be viewed by a number of people, you can add information to your tree that will help others know about your organization. If you are part of a scout troop, you can decorate your tree using a scout theme, including sashes and badges as part of your ornaments.

Another possible Christmas tree theme is the winter ice tree. With this theme, simply decorate a silver or white artificial tree with white lights and blue and silver decorations.

If you wish to move away from the traditional Christmas tree and incorporate a theme, pick one that displays your creativity as well as the message you wish to convey. Let your trees and your Christmas tree themes reflect your personality, organization or business.

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