Mantel Christmas Decorations Ideas - Traditional, Modern or Elegant Styles

Are you seeking inspiration for mantel Christmas decorations ideas?

If you have a fireplace mantel, then around Christmas time, you probably like to decorate it special for the occasion.

There are many ideas for decorations for your mantel, all the way from traditional to elegant. There are looks for all sorts of budgets as well. Love to make homemade decorations? This is the perfect opportunity for you to let your creative and festive juices roll.

What are some traditional mantel Christmas decorations ideas? To decorate the mantel traditionally, you might want to purchase garland, bows, red ribbons, and some bells. Lay the garland across the mantel and space out the bows and bells along the mantel. You could use silver, red, or white bells.

Intertwine the red ribbon through the garland for some Christmas traditional color. In the center of the mantel, you could place a red poinsettia plant or a big, red candle that you put inside a small wreath.

Hanging a wreath on the wall above the mantel makes for that extra touch. Be sure to add some festive colors as well. If you have stockings, you can hang them on the front of the mantel to complete your traditional Christmas mantel.

How about modern mantel Christmas decorations ideas? For a more modern look, there are various things that you can do. You can line the entire mantel with different sizes and shapes of candles. White candles work well for this look.

You can purchase miniature white Christmas trees and place one on each side of the mantel as well. Add colored ribbon to the trees to give the mantel some color. For the centerpiece, you could place a very thick red or white candle (6 inches thick would be good) and place it in a small, festive wreath.

Another mantel Christmas decorations idea for a modern look is to place white garland intertwined with Christmas lights on the mantel. Any color lights will look great, but white and blue give it a more modern look.

For the centerpiece, purchase a large, clear vase and fill up with different colored ball ornaments. You can use gold, silver, or an assortment of colors. If you feel that you need something else, candles always do the trick. Purchase a few different sized candles and place on the mantel as well.

For mantel Christmas decorations ideas which give you a more elegant look, you can lay a more elegant looking silver garland on the mantel and space some white votive candles out on the mantel. You can also purchase formal and elegant angel figurines to place as well.

For the centerpiece, place a silver plated bowl filled with several different colored ball ornaments. You can also place a white wreath with ribbons and bows on the wall above the mantel for that extra Christmas flair.

If you like the miniature Christmas porcelain houses, you can decorate your mantel with the houses as a little community. Place fake snow on the mantel and space your houses and buildings on the mantel. Add people, animals, and perhaps even a nativity scene. For the centerpiece, you could place a miniature decorated Christmas tree that will sort of serve as the community Christmas tree.

Did any of the above mantel Christmas decorations ideas appeal to you?

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What Are YOUR Favorite Mantel Christmas Decorations Ideas and Tips?

Do YOU have in mind some great mantel Christmas decorations ideas and tips? Share and write about these tips and ideas for decorating the mantel during Christmas season here!

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