Samples of Inspiring Engagement Poetry

Are you searching for some nice poems and verses to use as engagement poetry?

The most romantic proposal that will have your loved one shouting YES from the roof tops has poetry in it that turns words into expressions of untold depth and feelings of love. Here are some examples of engagement poetry you can use to have your loved one falling into your arms.

Maybe somewhere there's a world where one
Alone might live unloved and happy still,
Dependent only on a well-wrought will
Imposing love upon a world of stone.
No such world awaits me. I am yours
As surely as sweet music needs an ear;
Wealth, a cause; or pain, a friendly tear;
Eve, the sunlit moon that sight restores.
Do this, though, for you, and not for me;
Simply for your own sake, not for mine:
Read the letters that begin each line,
In which I put my poor wish, vertically.
- Nicholas Gordon

Here is another piece of possible engagement poetry.

Open doors and windows, books and flowers,
Newly opened gifts of minds and hearts
Yearning for the emptiness of oceans
On which, in love and hope, you launch your music;
Undulating, searching, restless hearts
Rendering your ecstasies in music,
Eternal hunger sated now with flowers,
Now rolling on relentlessly as oceans;
Give everything away - all hopes, all music,
All of yourself cast into tumbling oceans,
Go naked in the silence of your hearts,
Even as you blossom into flowers.
Mouths cannot speak the glory of the oceans
Etched against the loveliness of flowers,
Nor can you know its fullness but in music
Through love, which inundates your waiting hearts.
- Dimitri Shostakovich

Here is another verse which could also be used as engagement poetry.

Occasions such as these acquire meaning
Not only in the heart but on the stage,
Your intimate agreement now convening
Our families, for we also will engage.
Union will unite two universes,
Reaching back and forward into time,
Eliciting new verses and reverses
Needed to accommodate the rhyme.
Granted, then, the Thespian component,
Albeit small, of what will now unfold,
Giving to your audience a moment
Each may in collective memory hold.
May you find in love a public beauty
Equal to your private sense of duty,
No less a part of happiness than pleasure,
Though passion sing, and rapture be your leisure.
- Nicholas Gordon

Here is another piece of possible engagement poetry by Nicholas Gordon.

Engagements are by nature temporary,
A passageway to fields in which we'll grow.
But I have found this year of passage very
much like the wedded world we soon will know.
There is permanence in our relation
Drawn not from law or custom but from love.
This year has built a broad and firm foundation
that no hard rain will easily remove.
I am yours, though not quite yet your wife;
You are mine, with one more door ahead.
Soon, soon we will begin our brave new life,
Joined in thought and feeling, hearth and bed.
Till then we'll wait with patience and with pleasure.
This year of love with you I'll always treasure.
- Nicholas Gordon

Here is the final verse to be highlighted on this page, which could be used as engagement poetry.

One year ago today
On a playful autumn day
I looked into your eyes
And you took my breath away
The softest gentle kiss
The first touching of our lips
My favorite moment caught in time
And since you've never left my mind
Now here we are today
Another playful autumn day
I look into your eyes
And you take my breath away
Before we seal it with a kiss
I need to tell you this
You'll never leave my mind
So "Babers" please be mine...
- David Bohmiller

Enjoyed any of the above pieces of engagement poetry?

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Samples of Inspiring Engagement Poetry

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