Marriage Proposal Poems Can Add Meaning to THE Question

Are you searching for useful and inspirational marriage proposal poems?

If you're thinking of sharing a poem with that special someone when you get down on that knee and ask her to take your last name, it pays off to do your research.

There are literally millions of love poems and sonnets out there that you could quote from to share your true feelings. Stop by your local library and check out a few books, or you can use what you find on the internet, as well.

Here, we'll feature selections of some great poems you may want to use in your proposal. Be sure to do your research and find the whole thing!

And there's only one thing
Right now at this moment
I'll make a lifelong promise
To be with you till the end
Through bad and good times
So take this hand, this heart and this silent vow
Will you marry me, my darling?

by Ebazaar

An excerpt from another possible marriage proposal poem:

To my sweet love of my life
Will you be my loving wife?
All I ever do is think of you
Without you I don't know what I'll do
I promise I'll be good to you forever
And leave you, I will never
If you love me and say yes
You won't be sorry, I'll give you my best
Life without you, I cannot stand
In marriage, will you give me your hand?

by Anonymous

An excerpt from yet another possible marriage proposal poem:

The minute I heard my first love story
I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was.
Lovers don't finally meet somewhere.
They're in each other all along.
by Rumi

Those are just a few of the countless options you can use of the poems that are already out there, waiting for you to discover them! If the poems aren't saying exactly what you want them to say, feel free to use some lyrics from your favorite love song, instead. After all, songs are simply poetry put to music.

But what if none of these seems just perfect? And even after countless hours of research, you just can't seem to find the perfect marriage proposal poems?

Then take some time and write your own! That's right, you can do it! Even if you've never written a poem before. The beauty of poetry is that it is such a vast category of writing, encompassing all sorts of works.

You can take a note from William Shakespeare and write a 14-line sonnet (and if you're really bold, throw in some iambic pentameter, as well) to show the one you love how you feel. You can make a poem that rhymes, or that doesn't. It can be silly and sweet, or romantic and bold. Whatever you like - better yet, whatever is most like you.

Remember, when you share your marriage proposal poem with the one you hope to marry, he or she will be so touched because you took the time to write it yourself.

However you find your poem or come up with it, be sure to read it with love and passion. And remember to savor the moment - you'll only get the opportunity to propose once!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas for Marriage Proposal Poems, Quotes and Verses?

Do YOU have in mind some wonderful tips and ideas for marriage proposal quotes, poems and verses? Quotations and poetry can certainly add meaning to THE question. Share and write about these wedding proposal ideas here!

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