Romantic Proposal Ideas - Special Ways to Pop the Big Question

Are you searching for special and romantic proposal ideas?

Thanks to the invention of the internet, finding solutions to just about anything has become easier. Even ideas for proposing to someone can be easily searched for online.

So, if you are looking for a fantastic and unique way or idea to propose to the love of your life, read on and learn about some creative proposal ideas.

Though the traditional proposal upon bended knee has been proven successful through the years, sometimes, people wish to be a little more creative, and the following romantic proposal ideas will give you some inventive ways to propose.

Top Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas

  • A Question In The Sand: Take her or him on a tranquil beach and write the question in the sand, "Will You Marry Me?" and watch him or her be swept off his or her feet. Chances are that you will get an instant yes for the proposal.

  • Hot Air Balloon: Be a little more adventurous and take her or him on a hot air balloon ride, and take her or his breath away not only with the view, but with your proposal.

  • Romantic Weekend Getaway: Show your romantic self and take your partner on a romantic weekend getaway, be it a cruise or a destination. Arrange for a nice setting, whether a special park or landmark, or perhaps a sidewalk cafe. This romantic proposal idea works really well for taking your loved one back to this spot on a special anniversary to reenact your proposal.

  • First Date: Nothing is more romantic than reminiscing about the first time you met, or your first date. Proposing at the same place you had your first date is sure to rank right up there with one of the best and most romantic places for a proposal.

  • Talking Parrot: This romantic proposal idea is a funny yet successful way of proposing to your partner. Take a talking parrot and train it to say "Will you marry me". Imagine the surprise and delight on your partner's face when he or she hears this unique and creative proposal.

  • Candle Light Dinner: This is a time-tested and successful formula of proposing to a person. Arrange for a romantic candle light dinner either at home or in a nice restaurant and, after the meal, propose to her or him. You can have the ring hidden in a dessert or a glass of wine. All this romantic proposal idea takes is a little pre-planning with the restaurant staff to stage a successful proposal.

  • Invite Your Partner: If nothing else appeals to you, and you are more of a private type of person, then invite your partner to your home. Have your house decorated with the things that your partner will appreciate. When he or she arrives, put on the soft romantic music, light the candles, get down on that one knee, and pop the question.

  • Plant Clues: Another interesting way to propose is to play a game of treasure hunt and plant clues. Ask your partner to look out for the clues one by one and gradually lead him or her to the question of "Will You Marry me?".

    Any one of the above romantic proposal ideas will have a good chance of making your proposal special to your loved one, and be sure to keep him or her talking for years to come about your romantic proposal.

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