Engagement Verse for Wishes and Invitations - Tips and Samples

Are you on the lookout for a meaningful or inspirational engagement verse?

You have the gift picked out, your dress or suit is pressed and ready to wear for the engagement party, but you feel like you are missing something.

Perhaps you need to add a nice verse to your card, or a special note to tuck into the bride or groom's hand. Whether you write something up yourself, or find something that is appropriate for this occasion, it is fairly simple to find just the right engagement verse for the newly engaged couple. This article will help you with this task; it will also provide some samples of verses which you could use in engagement invitations or as part of your engagement wishes.

How To Find Engagement Sayings, Quotes and Verses

Not all of us have the gift of words, and can write an engagement quote or verse ourselves. This is no cause for alarm, as there are many other ways to find a verse for this occasion. Here are some simple tips to help you on your quest for an appropriate engagement verse.

  • Search the Internet: The internet is a vast source of information for anything related to engagements and weddings. Use any search engine to search for 'engagement verses' or 'engagement sentiments'. You will find more than enough to look through and should find something that suits your needs in fairly quick order. You could, of course, also browse the rest of this website, or use its search function.

  • Card Shops: Another easy way to find an engagement verse is to check your local card shop. They carry numerous engagement cards and you simply need to look though them to find a suitable verse or poem for your event.

  • Special Books: If the above two ideas don't work for you, then check out some specialty books or magazines that focus on everything to do with marriage. You should be able to find verses and poems easily.

  • Be Unique: Do something to make even the most common quote or poem special. Present it in a creative way. For example - if your verse or poem is speaking about the treasure they have found in each other, roll the verse / poem up, tie it with a ribbon, and present it in a small treasure box. This will become a keepsake that the couple will look back on fondly for many years.

  • Movies: Sit down and watch some famous, romantic, classic movies, which are known for the romance and a happy ending. You can always rely on Hollywood to come up with some priceless quotes on love that you can use as engagement verses. Perhaps package the love quote with a copy of the movie, telling the couple that the story reminded you of their love.

Samples Of Engagement Verses

Here are some examples and samples of engagement verses, quotes and sayings which you could use, particularly in engagement party invitations as well as part of your engagement wishes.

  • He popped the question and she said yes! So we're having a party, will you please be our guest?

  • There's a sparkle in her eye and on her finger too, (Bride's name) wants to share her excitement with you!

  • Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale...

  • He found the key to her heart.

  • Let's toast the engagement of (Bride's name) and (Groom's name).

  • A future filled with happiness, a special wish for you. Days filled with joy and happiness and all your dreams come true.

  • As you start out together along life's busy road. Remember to bring your dreams with you. They lighten every load and you will discover, as your journey starts today, that happiness walks with you, hand-in-hand, along the way.

  • A fairytale has just begun in the most perfect way, down on one knee a ring was given, "YES" did the lady say, But this is not a dream you're in, this is love that's true, Now all await with eagerness the day you'll say "I do!"

The search for an engagement verse or poem can be fun and entertaining. We hope you enjoy your quest to find 'just the right words' to present to the newly engaged couple, or to place in your invitations.

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