Family Chore Charts - Tips and Ideas to Guide You and a Sample to Use

Are you looking for useful family chore charts to help your family plan and organize your household chores at home?

In all families, there are household chores that must be done. No one is exempt from chores regardless of age; however, there is sometimes confusion over who is responsible for what (especially in families with lots of children).

The best way to relieve this confusion is to create family chore charts that outline each person's responsibilities.

When making your family chore charts, keep in mind the age and capabilities of each person on the list. You don't want to assign an age-inappropriate chore to a child, because that is just setting the child up for failure. Chores should be a way of helping children learn responsibilities, and these responsibilities will grow and change as the child grows. Also, include the adults in the house on the chore list to show the children that the parents also have a number of responsibilities.

First, you need to determine what chores need to be done around the home. Make a list of all the daily, weekly and monthly chores that need attention, such as dishes, laundry, yard work, deep cleaning of carpets and ovens, and other chores. Once you have made the list, examine each person's age and ability to complete the chores. Then, get some graph paper or open up a spreadsheet or table on your home computer. Now you are ready to complete your family chore chart.

A simple chart lists the name of the chore, the person or persons responsible, and the day or days it must be done (e.g. daily, weekly, weekends, Saturdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, etc). This is good if everyone has the same chore all the time; however, you will want to consider mixing the chores up a bit if everyone is equally capable of completing all the chores on the list (a household with teenage children is a prime example of everyone theoretically having equal abilities).

Some families prefer to use a large calendar for their chore chart. This is a great way to designate chores, rotate them regularly, and designate exactly when the chores should be done.

Here is a sample simple family chore chart:

Chore Person responsible Day to be completed
Dishes write name here Daily
Sweep / mop write name here Daily
Clean bathrooms write name here Daily
Wash windows write name here Saturdays
Laundry write name here Wednesdays and Saturdays
Take out trash write name here Day before pickup
Feed pets write name here Daily
Clean oven write name here Weekends
Make beds write name here Daily
Clean up rooms write name here Daily
Set table write name here Daily
Wipe table write name here Daily
Dust write name here Daily
(Other chores) write name here write day of task
(Other chores) write name here write day of task

You can make the chores as specific as possible, or you can set general chores. You can also assign certain rooms to individuals with a list of the expected chores to be completed per room. For example, if you assign a person to clean the kitchen, you may want to include on the kitchen chore list the following items: wash dishes (or run dishwasher), sweep / mop floors, wipe stovetop and counters, wipe dining room table and chairs, put away clean dishes, clean out refrigerators, empty trash, wipe microwave, clean coffee pot and coffee area, and any other chores you identify in your kitchen.

You can also hold a family meeting in which everyone in the house has a say in who gets assigned which chores for that week. Make family meetings a habit at your home so that, other than talking about what should go on family chore charts, you can also discuss other important issues in the family.

Developing a family chore chart can be easy and all it takes is a little time. It is recommended you use a dry erase board or chart in which to put your chore list to help save time, money and the environment. By developing family chores from an early age, you are helping your children learn responsibility and the rewards of a job well done.

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