Family Reunion Fun Ideas - Tips for a Great Get Together

Are you cracking your head for family reunion fun ideas?

A family reunion is a great way to get everyone together and have a great time, but it can also get boring if you don't do it right.

Often, family reunions are for families who are spread out quite a lot and don't have time to see each other, but they can also be a wonderful time to reconnect with members of your family and strengthen some bonds, so you need some really great ideas for your reunion.

Here are some family reunion fun ideas and tips which you may find useful.

  • Why not make it a weekend? Choose camping or a place where everyone can get together and enjoy without having to worry about packing it up and driving home at the end of the day. If you're thinking about renting places, you can choose one place as your "home base" and have others rent cabins, cottages or other lodging as they need. This will allow people to pair up and split the cost of lodging if necessary. Try to incorporate a place that will offer swimming and all kinds of outdoor activities and you'll be gearing up for a great time.

  • Remember that family reunions are a time to make traditions, so it might be time to make some of your own. How about a big campfire and a sing along? Almost every family has at least one member who can play guitar, and your family probably does, too. Choose some songs that the senior members of the family remember and print out the words so everyone can follow along. What a heartwarming family reunion fun idea!

  • Scavenger hunts can be another really great way to pass the time, but also get to know one another once again. You can include "hints" about many different family members to see how well your family knows each other. This can also be a fun way to break the ice with family members who don't know each other that well.

  • If you're having a long weekend family reunion, make the first night all about getting acquainted with each other. Keep the fun light and impromptu, but gather in a circle and have everyone share something about who they are; even if you only find out which couple is a person's parents, it will help you to feel a little bit closer.

  • Need more family reunion fun ideas? If you have a large family that stemmed from, say, six initial kids, why not have t-shirts printed up with the photo of the "kid" who started each clan? This can be a fun way for everyone to know how they are related to each other.

  • Talent shows or skits can be really fun for the whole family, too, and you could consider them for family reunion fun ideas. Encourage groups to come up with some ideas that are funny or fun and you'll have your whole family laughing, singing and dancing the whole night away.

  • When it comes to family reunion fun ideas, food can be a challenge, especially when it comes to big families, but you can make it easier if you're having a longer family reunion, by enlisting everyone's help. For instance, have one or two family groups pay for and provide one of the daily meals. This will help to ensure that everyone chips in and everyone shares in the work, but no one is left out or hungry.

Family reunions are fun, and in these times where families are all spread across the globe, this can be a wonderful way to ensure that you see all your family at least once a year. But in order to make sure you have a successful good time, it's essential to be creative in the planning of your family reunion fun ideas.

Family is important. Enjoy the get-togethers!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Family Reunion Fun Ideas and Tips?

Do YOU have in mind some great family reunion fun ideas and tips? Share and write about these tips and ideas for family reunions here!

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