Family Reunion Invitations - a Guide for Your Invites

Are you seeking some tips and ideas for family reunion invitations?

So, it's been a few years since the whole clan has gotten together, has it? There is nothing like a family reunion party or gathering, to get everyone excited and planning fun things to do when you all finally convene.

From an informal gathering with everyone camping out in Aunt Martha's back forty, to gathering at the Ritz Hotel for an evening of fine dining and drinks, it all begins with the invitation. This article will give you some fabulous ideas about your family reunion invitations.

How To Create Family Reunion Invites

Following are the steps involved in creating a family reunion invitation.

  • Budget: Everything starts and ends with a budget. An invitation is no different. Dependent upon your budget, you might choose to have your family reunion invites professionally designed and printed. You might also decide that you would prefer to spend your money on food and entertainment, so opt to hand-make your invitations. Either way you choose, it will largely be dependent upon your budget.

  • Format: Formal or informal is just one of the formatting decisions you will have to settle on prior to creating your invitation. If you decide on a formal family reunion, you would want your invitation to reflect that. Perhaps a vellum insert with scalloped edging, or a touch of gold ink on the rim of the envelope. If your format is more informal, you would create your invitation accordingly.

  • Theme: Themes are great for family reunions, and many families really look forward to their annual family reunion and what that year's theme will be. The Beverly Hillbillies is a popular theme, as is country-western, the circus, and the 60's, just to name a few. Your invitation should reflect your theme, and you can use the internet for all kinds of free graphic clip-art and even shape templates for your invitation. For example, a country-western theme could have the invitation in the shape of a cowboy hat or cowboy boots.

  • Important Information: Time, date, place, theme - these are pertinent pieces of information that should always be on your family reunion invitations. The addition of a small map is always a good idea, especially for people traveling from out of town. Don't forget to always include a contact phone number for emergencies.

  • RSVP: An RSVP is important for any event and especially for a family reunion, where you might have to be planning meals for numerous people. Your RSVP can be as simple as asking folks to respond to an email address, a phone number, or you could even include a pre-designed RSVP card in your invitation with a self addressed and stamped envelope.

  • Proofreading: Always proofread your family reunion invitation, whether it is your own creation or that of a professional. It is amazing what sunny little mistakes you catch, and can save you much grief and confusion down the road. For example - the family all showed up at 1212 West Street instead of 1221 West Street.

  • Sending: Again, depending upon your budget and lifestyle, there are various options for sending out your family reunion invitations. The regular post will involve a cost related to stamps and envelopes. As the internet has grown, many people are entirely reliant upon email, so if everyone is 'connected', it is easy to send your invitations through your email program. Even if you have a family reunion invitation professionally done, you can always scan it and email it off to everyone. Prior to choosing email as your distribution choice, it is best to ensure all family members use email. It would be a shame for Uncle Sam, who tells the best stories about your parents growing up, to miss the reunion simply because he isn't hooked up to an email program, or because he doesn't check his email inbox often.

You now know pretty much everything you could possibly need to know about creating family reunion invitations. All you have left to do is get to planning your family reunion.

Have fun!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for Family Reunion Invitations?

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