Family Portrait Ideas - Great Suggestions for Special Family Photos

Are you seeking inspiration for family portrait ideas?

Family portraits create unparalleled memories, serving as a snapshot for a moment in time that can be remembered for years to come.

Unfortunately, over the years, the same poses and approaches can become dull, failing to properly capture the uniqueness of family memories. Thus, here are a number of family portrait ideas to "spice up" your family portraits and make sure your portraits commemorating family memories are as special as the memories themselves.

Choose a Unique Location

A great family portrait idea is to consider an "on location" family portrait. Consider the features you want to appear in the photo. For instance, do you have a spectacular art piece on your family property (or in another family member's home) that would complement your photo nicely? You may also want to consider local areas that would present a nice back drop for your family photo.

Determine Your Photo's Concept

When planning your family photo, it is necessary to think about what you'd like the photo to say about your family. Do you prefer a serious or goofy photo?

Naturally, some families may choose to simply consider clothing and how it will be coordinated amongst different family members, whereas others may choose an entire theme for the photo, perhaps incorporating costumes or props. Whatever feels appropriate for you and your family is probably the best choice.

Family Portrait Ideas

Regardless of the approach you choose for your family photo, planning and executing an exceptional family photo can be a difficult task. Thus, here are a number of family portrait ideas and suggestions to consider that may help with the process of brainstorming and conceptualizing:

  • Taking your photo in an outdoor location, such as a beach or a park.

  • Using a family favorite locale, such as a stadium or restaurant, for the background of your photo.

  • Staging your photo in a unique area in your home or yard.

  • Taking your family portrait during a vacation or trip somewhere meaningful to your family.

  • Creating a fanciful theme for your photo, such as character dress (for example, as sailors or favorite children's characters) or styling from a certain time period.

  • Choosing a hobby-related theme, such as dressing up in attire representing a sports team beloved by family members.

  • Asking your photographer to change their view point, for instance, by changing their location, shooting from above or below where your family is - or by having your family change their level, such as by lying down or jumping in the air.

  • Considering unique uses of color, such as by using black and white coloring, or 'antique' / sepia coloring - or a mixture of color and grayscale.

Though there are many options and directions you may go in when taking your family photo, the most important thing is the memories the photos will represent. With these family portrait ideas to get you started on planning your family photo, your stress is sure to be reduced, allowing you to fully enjoy the process creating a special token of this time in your family's life.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Family Portrait Ideas and Tips?

Do YOU have in mind some great family portrait ideas and tips? Share and write about these tips and ideas for family portrait poses here!

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