Last Minute Gift Ideas - Tips for Quick Presents

Are you seeking some last minute gift ideas?

Last minute gifts can present a problem for the best of us - and we have all been there. But if you relax - deep breath, I can do this relax, there are some good ideas available.

For instance, teens are pretty predictable and, if all else fails, a gigantic cookie - say chocolate chip or oatmeal with white chips and nuts will do the trick. There are even recipes now where you can build a cookie as you would a pizza. Jot some ideas down, look online to gather some ideas, and you can be prepared for any last minute situations.

Other last minute gift ideas for teens are clothes, accessories, one of the modern takes on the old ball-cap, or jewelry. Most teens are totally absorbed in their music and most department stores have a fairly decent selection even if there is no time to find a music store. Even something as simple as a gift card for iTunes that can be purchased almost anywhere will put a smile on their faces.

For a teacher, think a potted plant to eliminate finding a vase and watching them die. A card with words jotted just for them, a months' supply of coffee at a popular drive through, or a gift certificate at the local book store or body and bath place - the mix and match specials are out of this world. Present either with a nice scented candle for special effect.

For older parents, consider last minute gift ideas which are whimsical. They are at a stage in their lives when it would be appreciated. If they like popcorn - a bag of colorful popcorn, some specialty butter flavored oil, and a book on a comical look at getting older. All can be purchased at a local department store, put in a basket and wrapped in no time at all. Or get a nice card and tuck in a coupon for lunch the next week or ten $2.00 lottery tickets.

When it comes to last minute gift ideas, the same works for younger friends. If you are close enough to have lunch together, tuck information on local restaurants and their lunch specials in a card with a note saying: Let's meet sometime next week. Or lottery tickets would work equally well, as almost everyone loves the game of chance.

Need yet more last minute gift ideas?

Tried and true gift ideas are matching as in scent / color lip balm and nail polish for women, or an inexpensive pedicure set for two, and include a time when the two of you can meet for coffee and an afternoon of foot bliss. Guys are into smells more than ever these days. Popular gift / cologne packages come in all price ranges. And then there are always tickets to an upcoming sports event or concert.

For a homebound friend or shut in, there is always soup or cookies fixings in a jar. But don't just drop the jar off. Tuck it in a basket with a couple of other accessories - some gourmet crackers, a couple of bowls, napkins and rings to match along with a note that says you are special, and deliver it on an afternoon you not only have time to stay and fix it for your friend, but time to sit and enjoy a bite with him or her.

Have you found any last minute gift idea which appeals to you?

For more interesting last minute gift ideas, be sure to browse the rest of this website, which has many other useful tips for presents, or use its search function.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Last Minute Gift Ideas and Tips?

Do YOU have in mind some great last minute gift ideas and tips? Share and write about these tips and ideas for last minute presents here!

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