Teacher Gift Ideas - Tips for Presents to Teacher

Are you cracking your head for teacher gift ideas?

A present for teacher can be tricky. Just imagine getting twenty coffee mugs at the end of a school year with an apple on it for five years in a row. It might get old after awhile.

This year, try something different. It could still be an apple theme or pertain to teacher, but think outside of the cup as the year draws to a close and you would really like to say thank you for all that has been done for yourself or your child.

For teacher gift ideas, you could start with a basket and a note that says: Thank you, and go from there. Find a notepad that fits the occasion. Include a clip board that you have decoupaged pictures or event flyers depicting the year on. Find a teapot that says teacher on it and gather a variety of teabags as well as little packets of several kinds of cookies. This is just an idea - the possibilities are limitless.

Actually, notepads are fun teacher gift ideas and can virtually include anything. If your child is just learning to read and write, let him / her write his teacher's name at the bottom of a piece of paper. At the top, let the copy place print: From the desk of, and then let them shrink the paper to notepad size for your inspection.

If she plays tennis, use: From the desk of. . . and at the bottom add a sports diva, etc. Expressions like: Math nerd, techno geek or sports jock are all fun. Finding out just one tidbit of information can open the door to something that is simple and one of a kind.

At the holidays, a bowl with a wooden spoon, a recipe and a batch of your favorite cookies would be appropriate and different. A fruitcake in a handcrafted carrier, or homemade candy in an inexpensive bowl with festive ribbon in appropriate colors not only looks pretty, but tastes good as well. It can also be shared and is then done with - no muss, fuss or storage. Cinnamon rolls are always a hit.

Need more teacher gift ideas?

If you like to make preserves, jellies or apple butter during the season, putting a batch away in pretty jars serves as gifts throughout the year. Take a matching jar - paint it, speckle it with a contrasting color, and give it as a candleholder along with the preserves and a loaf of hors dorvs bread. Another interesting jelly is either bell or hot pepper jelly. Present in a small basket with some gourmet crackers and a jelly spoon or small knife.

At the end of the school year, an appropriate jug that can be used to make sun tea can make a neat teacher gift idea. Fill it with a variety of teabags, a jar of honey and a long handled wooden spoon. Tie a colorful ribbon around the neck, letting plenty of strands hang for effect.

If you just cannot think of anything else for teacher gift ideas, wrap a hanger with pretty ribbon or yarn and hang teacher things from it to present as a wind chime. Among the material you use to make the noise, you will want to use a sponge (to soak up any overflow from brain fallout), a candle (to help light the path of small minds), a highlighter pen (for highlighting the lives of so many), a cup (for when everything is running over), and a bottle of glue (for holding everything together).

So, which teacher gift idea appeals to you the most?

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What Are YOUR Favorite Teacher Gift Ideas and Tips?

Do YOU have in mind some great teacher gift ideas and tips? Share and write about these tips and ideas for teacher presents here!

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