Gift Ideas for Parents - Great Presents for Dad and Mom

Are you seeking inspiration for gift ideas for parents?

Parents can be very hard to buy presents for. When you have to get your parents an anniversary gift or a Christmas or birthday present, you may find yourself at a loss when deciding what to give.

Here are some great gift ideas for parents that are bound to please your dad and mom.

As always, when looking for the perfect gift, ask yourself what your parents like to do. When shopping for anniversary gifts, it is important to look at what anniversary it is. For example, for a 25th anniversary, anything silver would be an appropriate gift, since this is the Silver Wedding Anniversary.

Another thing to consider is if there is something that your parents need that you can purchase. As people get older, they are much more excited over a practical gift than over a new fad. For example, if your parents are having some problems with an appliance at their home, you can consider giving them a new appliance for their anniversary or Christmas. Also, check out your parent's hobbies. What do they like to do for fun?

One of the great gift ideas for parents, or anyone for that matter, is a gift of food items. Many stores like Hickory Farms or Swiss Colony offer wonderful food gift packs that contain a number of meats, cheeses and sweets that are sure to tempt even the pickiest person. You can also create a food gift basket for your parents. For this, simply take a medium to large sized basket (found in most craft or department stores) and line it with tissue paper or paper grass. Next, add items such as gourmet cheeses, summer sausages or beef sticks, and candies. You can also add a bottle of their favorite wine (or cider if they are non-drinkers).

A wonderful gift basket idea for mom and dad is to give them a "night in or out" basket. For such gift ideas for parents, you would take a medium sized basket and add items that they can use for a night out or in. Some items you can consider including it the basket include theater tickets, a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant, sporting event tickets or other gift certificates. Include a DVD or two of their favorite movies (or ones that they haven't seen yet but would enjoy), some microwave popcorn, and a throw that would be large enough to cover them both. They can use this basket over the course of two nights - one out on the town, and one at home cuddling.

Need more great gift ideas for parents?

A gift of your time is a very valuable gift you can give to your parents. Give your parents gift coupons that are good for a certain number of Sunday dinners or a certain amount of repairs around the home. This is a particularly good gift idea for children who may not be working yet, but still want to give their parents something special.

You can create redeemable coupons for your parents that will include some Saturdays of yard work, for example. The coupons can also be for things such as stating you will not argue with them when presented a coupon or that you will not break curfew. When making coupons as gift ideas for parents, be as creative as possible.

Shopping for your parents doesn't have to be a chore. With these wonderful gift ideas for parents, you are sure to find the perfect present to make them happy, whatever the occasion.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Gift Ideas for Parents?

Do YOU have in mind some great gift ideas for parents? Share and write about these tips and ideas for great presents for dad and mom here!

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