New Fundraising Ideas to Consider

Are you seeking inspiration for new fundraising ideas?

Although the classic fundraising events are tried and trusted events that bring in reasonable amounts of money, it is always a good idea to intersperse these classic ideas with new, fun and exciting ones.

Depending on what you are raising funds for, you need to start thinking out of the box with a dash of creativity and flair for the practical.

One of the first rules of thumb for fund raising is that you should not spend too much money on supplying goods or services, as this will reduce the amount of funds you collect at the end of the day.

One new fundraising idea that doesn't cost an arm and a leg is offering horse rides around town. This idea works perfectly if you live in a small town where you can offer horse rides that will take people past favorite cafes, museums or significant sights. Speak to a few horse stables in the area to find out if they would be interested in donating some time and a few horses to the cause; you will be able to bring in some money and exercise the horses at the same time.

If the area that you are living in has a history of horse training, there is a good chance you could find an old horse drawn cart or carriage which can be dusted off and made to look attractive with pieces of material and brightly colored scatter pillows for people to sit on. This new fundraising idea is great for kids, who will really enjoy being driven around town and waving at their friends.

There are many ways to jazz up this idea, too. Offer to take the person's picture while they are sitting on the horse and provide a genuine cowboy hat for them to wear. With the latest technology in digital cameras, this shouldn't cost anything besides having the picture printed at a photograph stall or shop.

Need more interesting new fundraising ideas?

Organizing a sporting event is another idea that shouldn't cost an arm and leg. All you have to do is pick a sport like T-ball or baseball, where the whole family can play together. Your local school will be happy to either rent their field or let you use it for free if you are fund raising for a good cause.

For this new fundraising idea, be sure to set up some brightly colored borrowed umbrellas around the field, and then get some of the baseball clubs in the area to play a friendly match. This will ensure that you get lots of people at the fund raiser who will buy your readymade barbeque packs and cook them on the borrowed barbecue pits you provide.

Charge a small entrance fee for the visitors and set up a gazebo to sell ice cold drinks, sweets and nibbles. If this idea appeals to you, try to get a local artiste who will donate his time to sing a few songs before and after the games to create an exciting and interesting ambience.

Whatever cause you are fundraising for, it is sure to be a success if you apply some initiative and plan the event well.

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