Fun Fundraising Ideas - Enjoyable Fundraiser Events

Are you looking for some fun fundraising ideas?

Making your fundraiser fun and exciting is a sure way to get loads of people to support and donate the money in their pockets.

There are many fun ways to get kids and adults involved in playing fun games and enjoying doing activities together while they dip in their pockets to support a good cause.

A great and fun fundraising idea is to organize a country theme day at the local town or school hall. A favorite theme at the moment is Italy, which is a very versatile theme with plenty of opportunities to sell Italian food.

You can organize a local performer who sings opera or Italian themed songs to donate their time to keep the people entertained. String up some ivy vines for decoration and lay the tables with red, green and white stripped table cloths. Get the children together to bang on a pinata filled with sweets and marshmallows while the adults can bid on bottles of wine during an auction.

Children and adults alike will love to organize a rally in conjunction with a local classic car and bike club. Let the guests buy rides in the gleaming age old cars and have their photos taken while sitting behind the steering wheel. This can be loads of fun if you arrange with the traffic department to travel from one town to another. Ordinary cars can be decorated in a type of float, and the best float can win a prize.

Need more fun fundraising ideas?

Organizing a fete is a little bit more work, but loads of fun if you get businesses from the area to run games stalls and sponsor prizes. Everyone loves to win something, so getting them to pay to throw a ball in a bucket to get a fluffy toy will be a guaranteed hit.

Fun fundraising ideas here include having a "Who can eat the most hot dogs" competition as well as a strong man contest, where everyone will pay an entrance fee and the winner will get a prize. If you get the local outdoor store to sponsor the gazebos and a local fast food place to sponsor the food, you should be able to raise plenty of funds and have loads of fun too.

Go-kart racing is a sure hit amongst the younger teenagers, and very often some grown men too - this is perhaps one of the most enjoyable and fun fundraising ideas. Advertise ahead of time so that everyone can prepare their go-karts; they can enter into the race by paying an entrance fee. Speak to a local go-kart track to sponsor the track that will be used, or you could make your own dirt track with a grader and some old tires.

Give out prizes for the winner of the races as well as the best looking go-kart and the worst looking go-kart - this will add a bit of fun and competition amongst the contestants. Make sure all the go-kart racers wear helmets and other protective gear so that no one gets injured while driving around the track.

Getting everyone to have fun is a surefire way to get them to dip in their pockets and add to your cause. If you need more fun fundraising ideas, be sure to also read the other related articles and pages on this website.

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