Simple Fundraising Ideas to Help Raise Needed Cash

Are you seeking inspiration for some simple fundraising ideas?

Most schools, churches and small businesses have relied on raising funds for the extra money they need. Even larger firms and non profits rely on fund raisers when the budget does not provide for necessary programs, etc.

Whether it is school spirit or a new program being campaigned for a local organization, fund raising can be just what is needed.

Simple fundraising ideas for a school can include such things as selling candy, candles and cookie dough for those that are involved in the event (usually children on a smaller scale), or elements such as catalogs for larger projects. These products, like Girl Scout cookies, are things people look forward to every year and can earn up to a 50% profit for the cause. And with most of these products, you can buy as much or as little as needed.

If adults or programs like the PTA are involved, more elaborate projects such as fashion shows for those who sew and design, raffles or evenings out for couples that include dinner and a dance on Valentine's Day can be more serving of the purpose.

Auctions are always fun, and can be one of the simple fundraising ideas to be considered. They can be as simple as everyone bringing a gift (gag or otherwise) which are auctioned off to the highest bidder, or more complex with donations from furniture, clothing, variety or grocery stores, etc. And the great thing about either school or church fund raisers is that the students, faculty, parents or congregation are already on board as potential buyers.

Need more simple fundraising ideas and tips?

Many churches and businesses wait until the holidays - Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother or Father's Day and particularly Christmas, to launch a fund raiser, since presents are already on the general public's mind. It is the ideal opportunity to raise money from anyone already planning on gifts such as chocolate and other snack treats, calendars for the coming year, as well as holiday cards. How simple it is for the buyer to order from a catalog, or at the very least, be able to choose from a targeted list just for the occasion.

In the fall or spring, there are options such as flower bulbs, baskets of blooming annual or perennials, or bushels of fruits in season. These are especially popular for organizations such as 4H and FFA and are great for other youth groups as well. Plant fund raisers generally earn at least a 50% profit for your cause in return.

Church resources include car washes and bake sales and are exceptional ways for youth to not only call upon their fellow church members, but by opening the doors to the general public during church wide garage sales, they can bring in plenty of outside money too. For such simple fundraising ideas, it all boils down to creating a strategy, gathering team players, and getting your products / services out to the public.

Most community businesses are glad to help the youth of their town as well as churches that sponsor children for summer camps, help the under privileged during the holidays, or give scholarships for certain academic advancement. They will give to the cause, provide donations, or allow tables for vending to be set up on their premises.

Would you like to learn more about other simple fundraising ideas? Be sure to check out the other related articles and pages on the rest of this website, where you are sure to find out about many more effective and creative yet simple fundraising ideas and tips.

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