Best Fundraising Ideas - Events, Activities and Sales to Raise Money

Are you wondering what the best fundraising ideas are?

While most small fund raising projects such as selling candy, bake sales and having huge garage sales are relatively easy to put together and execute, they can generate quick cash and are good for helping to send kids to band camp or getting funds together for vacation Bible school.

Other projects require more money and a larger scale effort. For those, there are several companies that offer not only the products you will need, but also helpful materials showing you how to get the most out of your efforts. They are inexpensive and offer great plans for school fund raising, church fund raisers, and many of the charitable organizations.

To encourage participation, many fund raising groups use a thermometer that openly displays the progress being made. There is something about seeing the indicator just a mark or two from the next level that causes people to give - this is something you could explore as part of best fundraising ideas. The thermometer works especially when it is on a wall that everyone sees on a regular basis - this might include the gym wall, a prominent wall in the sanctuary of the church, or in an area where volunteers take their break in the building of a charitable organization.

The options people have to raise funds are unlimited. If your manpower is plentiful, you can consider a small scale carnival for grade school children. Include plenty of games geared toward their age, such as ducks in a pond and go fish, as well as several geared toward their parents or older siblings, such as throwing darts at balloons and dunking the head coach or principal in a vat of water. Ring toss is good for any age!

As you attempt to implement the best fundraising ideas, gear your fund raising products toward your need if you can. If the participants are going to be traveling to sell their fund raising items, make sure the boxes or carrying cases are appropriate. This will encourage them to go out and sell just as well as a reward for getting the most sales, second place, third place, etc. Candy works well for this occasion as the cases are designed to be not only portable but convenient.

For holiday or seasonal sales, consider catalogs for one of the best fundraising ideas, as they are quite easy to carry around and no inventory purchase is required beforehand. This might include many of the great food items on the fund raising market, such as cookie dough, gourmet food, candles and magazines.

For those who are planning a church wide or school wide rummage sale, do not forget other options for the best fundraising ideas, such as bake sales, selling flavored crushed ice, lemonade, or the more popular coffee drinks people are addicted to these days. There is also face painting and balloon art for the youngsters and air brush designed T-shirts for all ages.

For those who feel that they are being accosted by yet one more car wash, just remember that the money raised will help kids who want to go to camp but cannot afford to, benefit homeless animals, help send people on mission trips, help send band members on trips to compete with other bands, or help send choir members to other churches for revivals and such.

If you need more tips and suggestions for the best fundraising ideas, be sure to check out the other related fundraiser and fundraising articles and pages on the rest of this website - you may well find your best fundraising idea there. Alternatively, you could also use the search function on this website.

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