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Do you need some tips, ideas and methods for non toxic pest control?

Insects, rodents and other creepy crawlies are an unfortunate fact of life. They have no respect for human boundaries and invade whenever they can in their search for food and shelter.

In the big picture, they probably cannot be blamed for these actions, but that does not make them any more tolerable. Controlling pests in a natural, non toxic method assures that family members, pets and the environment are not harmed in the process.

Exclusion is the first step in pest control, including non toxic pest control - be sure to seal all cracks and crevices that may serve as an entrance to pests. Be sure to clean all surfaces, and collect and dispose of all trash, as all these attract pests.

Marigolds planted around the house are a deterrent to many insects, including nematodes and mosquitoes, as is lemon grass that contains citronella. A couple of spray bottles with soapy water are handy, and spraying most insects with this mixture will kill them.

Pests in the garden are especially troublesome, and one of the best ways of ridding your garden patch through non toxic pest control is by planting flowers that attract insects that are known as beneficial. These are insects that actually feed on the bugs that are destroying your plants while leaving vegetation intact. A few flowers that attract beneficial insects include Basket of Gold, English Lavender and Goldenrod.

Ants and flies are two of the most common and bothersome household pests, but there are non toxic measures that can be used to combat them. Placing any of these items in the path of ants will repel them: cinnamon, cayenne pepper, crushed mint leaves, clove, coffee grounds, and the peelings of bitter cucumber; these are just a few common items that will turn away household ants.

Flies are particularly irritating and eradicating every one of them is nearly impossible. Try these non toxic pest control remedies using common items to help keep them at bay. A variety of essential oils can be enlisted to ward off flies, including lavender, peppermint, citronella, pennyroyal and eucalyptus.

Also, although its reasons are not completely understood, filling a plastic baggie with water and hanging them in various locations, especially around windows and doors, appears to work well to repel flies.

Cockroaches are filthy, unsightly, disease carrying insects that infest homes in quest of food and suitable areas to lay their eggs. Cockroaches are highly adaptable to their environment - this is borne out of the fact that they have been around in similar form since the dawn of time.

So what non toxic pest control methods and remedies can be used to deal with cockroaches?

While cleanliness is essential in keeping cockroaches away, they prefer warm moist areas but can conform to almost any warm environment; they do not tolerate the cold. Bay laurel is a plant that repels cockroaches naturally. By planting them outdoors and spreading dry crushed leaves around the house, they can be very effective in keeping these critters away. Diatomaceous earth is another product that kills cockroaches but is harmless to humans and pets.

Pests are inevitable, but with the diligent exclusionary measures, proper sanitation and the application of non toxic pesticides, they can be virtually eliminated from your lawn, garden and home. Non toxic pest control measures are almost always preferable, as they reduce your family's exposure to harmful and health-damaging chemicals.

To learn more about homemade, natural and / or non toxic pest control methods, do read the other related articles and pages on the rest of this website.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Organic or Non Toxic Pest Control Home Remedies?

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Get a health-promoting or eco-friendly gift for someone special. Thousands of choices available. $5 or $10 discount for new customers.

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