Party Punch Recipes and Tips for Making these Party Drinks

Are you looking for some nice party punch recipes?

What's a party without the punch? Most parties today sport a drink of some kind - about 80% of those are some kind of punch.

Ingredients make up a good deal of its simplicity, convenience and good taste. The origin of punch is not known exactly, but it is thought to stem from an East Indian recipe consisting of five ingredients. The word used back then to describe the five ingredients was panch, the literal Hindi word for 'five', and was made up of fermented palm sap, water, spices, sugar and lemon.

During the 1700s, the concoction became popular with British sailors, who spread the recipe to many different seaport taverns. From there, the recipe has traveled the world and comes to us in many forms, colors and with a host of unusual flavors.

Now let us move on to actual party punch recipes.

Party punches can round out a color scheme - red, blue, green, orange; it can add a 'punch' to a tropical affair by adding bananas, coconut and pineapple, or a 'kick' to the adult parties by adding a little rum. It can be sweetened with ice cream for a kid's party, or for the more mature crowd, colored ice cubes frozen in adult shapes or shapes that pertain to the theme of the party present an interesting effect.

Most basic party punch recipes call for either sherbet or ice cream to add to a thickened or frothy texture, but it is not necessary. A few good ingredients such as frozen juices (1 can each) - orange, fruit punch, lemonade and raspberry, along with 8 cans of water and 2 bottles of ginger ale make a pretty good bowl of sparkling brew to add to any festive affair.

For young children's parties, a pint of milk can be added to either a pint of lime, raspberry or orange sherbet along with a quart of lemon / lime, raspberry or orange beverage for a very good party punch recipe. This drink looks great too if you beat the milk and half of the sherbet together and mix with the beverage drink, and then scoop in the remainder of the sherbet to float on top. Yummy!

For party punch recipes for the outdoor party, you could use a liter of 7Up (ginger ale can be substituted) along with a can of pineapple juice and a can of Hawaiian punch mixed to combine with a 1/2 gallon of vanilla ice cream. As the ice cream begins to melt, float several slices of pineapple for the effect as well as the taste. The taste is wonderful!

Whichever recipe you choose to follow, mix non carbonated beverages into the bowl first, saving the sparkly stuff for just before serving. Keep stirring to a minimal and that will preserve the fizz. Many people opt to use simple syrup (sugar syrup) as opposed to sugar as it dissolves more readily into cold liquids.

For party punch recipes that call for sugar, combine equal parts water with sugar in saucepan to make the dissolving an easier process. One cup of each will produce 1 1/3 cups of liquid sugar once it has cooled.

Chill all ingredients thoroughly before mixing. The bowl can be chilled also to ensure that the punch stays the right temperature. Crushed ice can be added as well, but only sparingly, as it can dilute the punch ingredients. If ice is to be used, try large blocks.

When making punch, figure approximately one gallon of punch per every ten people.

Having fun exploring various party punch recipes!

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