Simple Christmas Punch Recipes - Drinks to Serve Your Party Guests

Are you wondering what drinks to serve your guests? Here are some Christmas punch recipes you could try.

Though Christmas punch is mentioned in books dating back to Shakespeare's era, its traditional beginning is obscure.

During the holiday season where gift giving was very limited and could take place as easily on New Year's Day as Christmas, the beverage varieties were outdone only by the foods and other delicacies being served. Most of these drinks or mixtures of drinks were served with liquors or liqueurs.

The punch bowl was often filled with fruits and juices and was a good drink that could be served with meals or other holiday gatherings. At times when meals were not served, the punch too could contain alcohol - often imported wines such as sherry or clarets. Rum, French brandy, cider and locally brewed beer were also popular.

This might include something like Cranberry Punch, that uses the traditional fruits of whole cranberries, orange slices and lemon leaves frozen in water, and then floated in a mixture of white grape and cranberry juices mixed with lemon-lime carbonated beverage. This Christmas punch recipe can be served with or without a bottle of red wine mixed in.

Another fruit punch that is served with light rum, and called Rum Punch, mixes juices such as pineapple and orange juice, lemonade concentrate and ginger-ale. Fruits include mandarin orange sections and maraschino cherries.

For those who appreciate tea, try Spiced Tea Punch by adding grape and cranberry juices to the beverage that has been steeped with cloves, cinnamon and allspice. Citrus slices such as lemons and oranges are added and allowed to sit in the punch as it chills. This Christmas punch recipe has a dry taste but is very good at a holiday party.

Today around the world, many countries have their own version of Christmas punch recipes. And though each is uniquely different, they are similar in many ways. England's wassail mixes the warmth of red wine with apple cider and lemon juice, while Germany's alcoholic punch combines the two with a sugar loaf that is set aflame.

The Swedes have Glogg, the Puerto Ricans Conquito, and in Mexico it is Ponche. Where once the beverage was heated and served to carolers, today, it has generally been replaced by hot chocolate.

For Christmas punch recipes for kids, try mixing 20 ounces of strawberries (frozen and pureed in blender) with a 46 ounce can of pineapple juice. Either prepare this party drink in a punch bowl, or, mix and pour into punch glasses (about half full) to serve. Add a scoop of citrus or pineapple sherbet to each glass and then a peppermint stick. Fix this beverage just before ready to serve.

Try some fancy ice cubes to liven up a plain Christmas punch recipe by placing pieces of oranges, pineapples, strawberries and / or maraschino cherries into ice cube trays covered with cranberry cocktail. Set it in the freezer until ready to serve. Add a cube to each drink before serving or float them all in the punch.

A final Christmas favorite is eggnog; make a punch by combining 2 quarts of the premade treat with an equal amount of French vanilla ice cream and 2 liters of cream soda. Serve each cup with a peppermint stick and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

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