Graduation Party Food - Ideas to Add to Your Menu

Are you looking for ideas for graduation party food?

Graduation day is truly a celebration of hard work, perseverance, commitment and steadfastness. Having a graduation party is all about letting go and having loads of fun as well as congratulating the graduates on their achievements and accomplishments.

The food that you serve at a graduation party should have a variety of fast foods, junk foods and just about anything you can have delivered or bought over the counter. The graduate has probably spent the last couple of years eating healthily to keep his or her physical strength and mental stamina in peak condition to help him / her graduate.

Just for fun, for graduation party food, order one of every different type of pizza at your local favorite pizza place, arrange the slices of flavorful pizza in the boxes they come in, and add some gherkins, pickles and a dip or two to liven them up a bit. Serve fizzy cool drinks that everyone can drink out of the can or bottle, or you could add some spice and serve bottles of beer (taking into consideration the minimum age for drinking).

Getting everyone to barbeque their own burgers for graduation party food is a perfect idea - it not only reduces your preparation time, but gives everyone something to do as well. All you would have to prepare are slices of cheese, tomatoes and onion, and anything else that would make the delicious burgers taste great.

Buy a few different types of sauces from the grocery store which everyone can add to their burgers to tantalize their taste buds. Spread butter on some fresh hot rolls and have buckets of cold cool drinks standing around, which will finish this idea off very nicely too.

If you are creative in the kitchen, you could make your own fast food to delight and enthrall the guests. Make nachos and serve with a homemade salsa and guacamole to give the party a bit of spice. For main course of graduation party food, you could make your own "serve yourself a Taco Bar", where everyone can make their own style taco filled with a variety of Mexican delights that will have your guests licking their fingers. Don't forget to make the popular lime flavored margaritas for a true Mexican style party.

For a simpler, country type theme, you can prepare deep fried chicken pieces, served with fresh hot mini loaves, colorful salads, and presented in big baskets with checked cloths used for the lining. This is great if you're having an outdoor graduation party, as everyone can help themselves when they feel their tummies grumbling. You can order and have such graduation party foods delivered from any one of the many chicken restaurants in your area, or you could just make them at home.

Chinese food could add some lighthearted fun, especially if you make everyone do a forfeit if they drop the food off the chopsticks. Order a variety of different types of Chinese take out, with a fortune cookie to give each guest. Alternatively, get everyone to fry up their own choice of meat and vegetables with noodles for a homemade stir fry.

With these delectable culinary ideas, your graduation party is sure to be a great success and keep your guests entertained for hours.

Enjoy your spread of graduation party foods!

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