Telling Teacher Retirement Jokes - Useful Ideas and Tips

Are you planning to tell some teacher retirement jokes?

Teachers play a major role in the development of young minds and future leaders, so it is always a solemn occasion when one retires.

However, there is also cause for celebration which often includes a retirement party or other event. Friends and family want to help join the individual in marking this event. The party usually involves speeches from friends, family and former students, and these speeches usually involve teacher retirement jokes.

If you are asked to speak at a teacher's retirement party, it is okay to add jokes into your speech (just remember to make sure the jokes are ones that will not offend anyone). While you want to convey your respect for the teacher's career, you also want to add some levity to your speech.

Remember, you can tell jokes on teaching in general, or you can tailor your jokes to the teacher's area of expertise (math, chemistry, or other areas of study). Also remember that the jokes do not have to be specifically about retirement - they can be about teaching in general, too.

While giving your speech to the retiree, try to give the jokes a personal touch. You can take a generic joke and personalize it by putting the retiree's name in place of the teacher.

For the kindergarten teacher who is working her last day, it is only natural that some of her pupils will want to give her gifts. You can utilize this as a way of showing the toll that lifelong teaching can have on the senses.

An example of a teacher retirement joke: It was her last day before retiring and the kindergarten students wanted to give their teacher some gifts. The first student was son of the local nursery owner, and he handed her a package. Without opening it, the teacher said, "It's flowers." "Wow," said the boy, "how did you know?" "Just guessing," said the teacher.

The next student was the daughter of the local bakery. Without opening the box, the teacher said, "It's cookies!" "Wow," said the little girl, "how did you know?" "Just guessing," said the teacher.

The third student was the son of the local pup. When he handed the box to the teacher, she noticed it was leaking a little. She put a drop of the liquid on her finger and tasted it and said, "It's wine." The little boy told her no. After several tastes and guesses, she finally says, "I give up." At that point the little boy yells, "It's a PUPPY!"

For the math teacher who is retiring, you could talk about how the teacher will no longer have to put up with attitude from students by telling the following teacher retirement joke: the teacher asks, "what's two plus two?" A student answers, "four!" The teacher responds, "Yes four, that's good!" The student retorts, "Good? That was perfect!"

Always remember when writing your teacher retirement jokes, to make them as lighthearted as possible. Weave the teacher's personal experiences into the jokes. Use the teacher retirement jokes as a way of not only adding levity to an otherwise solemn occasion, but to also show your appreciation and respect for the teacher and his / her career.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Teacher Retirement Jokes?

Do YOU have in mind some great ideas and tips for teacher retirement jokes? Share and write about these tips and ideas for retirement teacher humor here!

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