Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas - Presents to Show Teachers Your Gratitude

Are you seeking inspiration for teacher appreciation gift ideas?

Teachers are some of the most important people in young lives. They educate and help mold the leaders of tomorrow within the confines of their classrooms and, every year, there is a reason to show appreciation to these important people in our children's lives.

When you have some genuine and original teacher appreciation gift ideas, you will be able to touch the heart of the special teacher in your life, or in the life of your child.

Not all appreciation gift ideas will be the right one for every teacher, of course, but the list of ideas for presents here will be ideal for almost any teacher, regardless of whether they are male or female, young or old, new or experienced.


Any teacher who is worth their abilities has a love and passion for books. Of course, not every teacher is going to read a great deal. Math teachers may not read a great deal of Shakespeare, but there are plenty of books on mathematics, mathematicians, and ideologies that they would most likely devour. For the English teachers in your life, of course just about any classic literature would be welcomed as presents, though they might already have them.

So when you are deciding on books as one of the teacher appreciation gift ideas, you can look for special or limited edition books that they can add to their collection.


After a long day at school, dealing with untold problems that kids are having, or that their coworkers are enduring, or the stress of the latest budget cuts within the district, there are moments when the teachers go home and just want to escape from the stresses of the day. That's when movies can really make a difference.

Movies take people away from their troubles for a couple of hours. They allow us to forget what is bothering us and get wrapped up in fictional characters' lives and troubles. Find some of the award-winning movies from the past twenty years, especially stories of teachers taking on the system and winning, and these will make great teacher appreciation gift ideas.

Items for the classroom

In today's economy, many school districts have cut back on their funding, leaving teachers to dig into their own wallets to gather the supplies that they either want or need for the classroom. Sometimes, it's just a few crayons or colored chalk, but other times, it's more than that. If you have your child find out what his or her teacher may need for their classroom, then you can pick up some of these items and offer them as a present for teacher appreciation.

There is no reason why anyone should go and take out a second mortgage on their house for teacher appreciation gift ideas. Simple gifts are enough to show these teachers that you appreciate what they do every day for your child and that you support them.

Even the smallest gift can go a long way toward making a teacher feel as though their struggles, their daily strife is well worth the effort, because someone noticed.

There are many more teacher appreciation gift ideas on the rest of this website, so do check out the related articles and pages here to find the right inspiration you are seeking.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas and Tips?

Do YOU have in mind some great teacher appreciation gift ideas and tips? Share and write about these tips and ideas for teacher appreciation presents here!

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