Wonderful Valentine's Ideas - Sweet and Romantic Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Are you seeking inspiration for some sweet and wonderful Valentine's ideas?

You want your Valentine's Day to be special, but don't want to break the bank by paying a premium to have flowers delivered or taking your sweetheart out for dinner on the day - so why not create your own bouquet of roses and cook dinner for two at home?

Personally, I think this is much more romantic than joining the throngs of couples in a restaurant where the wait staff will be rushed off their feet and service might not be the best. Of course, if money is no object, then go ahead and order your flowers from a reputable florist (check them out online for good and bad reviews) and make a reservation for dinner at a restaurant where you are known and where you should get good service, even on Valentine's Day.

If Valentine's Day falls on a weekend, one Valentine's idea is for you to plan a picnic lunch for two at a place that is special to you both. This can be done very easily - you will need a picnic basket with dishes and cutlery, corkscrew, bottle of wine, cheese, pate, fruit, bread, etc., which can all be purchased at your local grocery or specialty store for a fraction of the price of a ready-made basket. Don't forget to include some chocolates for dessert!

You could take along your iPod and play a CD of her favorite songs. Give her flowers when you arrive to pick her up so that she has time to appreciate them and thank you before you head off for your picnic. As part of this Valentine's idea, you could plan to take in a movie or concert later in the day if you think she would enjoy that.

You're sure you've found your one true love? Then a lovely Valentine's idea would be to propose to her on Valentine's Day. (But make sure you know what kind of ring she prefers by window shopping local jewelers with her beforehand.) If you don't want to pop the question in public at a restaurant, make her dinner at home and set the scene with flowers and candles, romantic music and champagne. Some people schedule their wedding to be held on Valentine's Day. You can't get any more romantic than that, and you'll never forget your wedding anniversary!

If you're not ready to take such a big step in your relationship, there are hundreds of gifts to choose from for your girl or guy. The newest electronic gadgets make a great gift for a guy, as do tickets to a sports event or a Valentine gift idea that ties in with his interests. The wine connoisseur might enjoy a box of different wines, or the latest electronic corkscrew or wine aerator. A gift basket for a guy could include sports tickets, a bottle of wine (or six-pack of beer), some video games that you can play together - just think about what he enjoys and what he might need.

How about Valentine's ideas for presents for the ladies? Girls are much easier to buy for! Jewelry is always welcome - providing it's good jewelry, or a piece of costume jewelry you know she will love. Most jewelers have an estate jewelry section where you can find unique pieces for her - but make sure she won't mind wearing someone else's ring or necklace.

Need more Valentine's ideas? You could buy a spa certificate for you both to enjoy, or for her to go with her mom or girlfriend. Again, a gift basket that you assemble yourself containing all her favorite bath items and a cozy robe will be much nicer than a store-bought one. Chocolates (good ones!), champagne (a bottle of good champagne) and candlelight will win her over if you're planning to make dinner at home. If you're not a great cook, then simply buy the meal from your favorite restaurant and serve it at home. Try baking a cake for dessert - it's easy, you just follow the directions! Even if it doesn't turn out to be perfect, your dinner will be appreciated.

There are so many Valentine's ideas for you to choose from to celebrate Valentine's Day - just think of what your honey would enjoy and go for it. Hopefully, you'll hit the right note with your Valentine's ideas and he or she will love you even more for it.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Creative, Unique and Romantic Valentine's Ideas for Celebrating Valentine's Day?

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