Cinderella Wedding Ideas - Tips to Plan a Wonderful Fairytale Wedding

Are you looking for fun and interesting Cinderella wedding ideas?

Have you ever dreamed of starring in your own fairy tale? If so, what better way to do it than playing Cinderella on your wedding day!

Every little girl's dream is to have a fairy tale wedding, and nothing says this better than Cinderella. Don't let the lack of a fairy godmother stop you from enjoying the ultimate wedding ceremony. This article will help you with some great ideas for planning a Cinderella wedding. From the invitation to favors, make your fairy tale come true with this fantastic wedding theme and amazing Cinderella wedding ideas.

Cinderella Wedding Planning

  • Invitations: Any printer will have a great selection of wedding invitations. They specialize in themes, so just let the printer know what you are after and choose from their variety of offerings. If you are thinking of creating your own invitations, this website will have a wealth of information for you. Many craft sites have free patterns and it shouldn't be too hard to find a pattern for a giant pumpkin, high-heeled slippers, or other Cinderella type images to design into your invitation. Line your invitation with parchment and use an old fashioned font for an authentic look.

  • Location: Another important feature to take into consideration for Cinderella wedding ideas is location. Not all of us can get married at Disneyland or Disney World, although if you truly want the authentic Cinderella experience, this is a great place to hold your wedding. You can pull off a lavish ceremony in a large park, at a heritage hotel, or anywhere else for that matter. What really counts is how you feel when you look at potential venues. Can you envision yourself walking down the aisle at this particular venue? If so, all you need to do is bring your fantasy to life.

  • Wedding Dress: The best part of pretending to be Cinderella is getting to dress like her. A Cinderella inspired wedding dress is every little girl's dream. If you are having your dress custom made, you will simply have to communicate your idea to the dressmaker. She will do the rest. If you are purchasing a pre-made dress, there are still so many options for you when it comes to Cinderella wedding ideas for dresses. Take a few days and shop around all your local bride shops. You will be sure to come across the perfect dress if you look for it.

  • Decor: The next aspect of Cinderella wedding ideas is the decor. Decorating for a Cinderella theme wedding would ideally make the venue look like a fairytale castle. Any item mentioned in the Cinderella story makes an appropriate decoration. A paper pumpkin coach and glass slippers would make beautiful table toppers. A red carpet leading up to a throne for the wedded couple is a lot of fun. With such a fun theme for your wedding, you are only limited by your imagination.

  • Music: The many variations of the Cinderella story all have soundtracks which would be great background music for your Cinderella wedding. If you prefer live music, something old fashioned like a trio, harpist, or pianist would give a romantic feel to your wedding. Keep the music light, and focus on period pieces rather than more modern styles of music to keep your theme more realistic.

  • Transportation: This is the most fun part of Cinderella wedding ideas. Arrange for horse drawn carriages for the guests and a special carriage for the bride and groom. Many carriage rental companies have what they call an actual Cinderella coach for such wedding events.

    Other Tips

  • Try to have matching candles, toasting wine or champagne flutes and a guest book, all themed to your Cinderella storyline.

  • As part of Cinderella wedding ideas, arrange for a foot man to open the vehicle or carriage doors for the guests.

  • Instead of a garter, have the groom place the glass slipper on the bride's foot. Have a garter handy, however, as the bachelors will want a chance to catch it when thrown.

  • Use pumpkin and glass slipper shaped centerpieces for decorations.

  • Go for a Disney themed cake or a cake with a Cinderella fairytale decoration theme.

  • Give the guests some pumpkin shaped favors like candles or chocolate truffle mice.

    With all these wonderful Cinderella wedding ideas, you would now be well on your way to start the planning for your fantastic Cinderella wedding celebration. Have fun!

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