Celebrating Your 4th Wedding Anniversary - Ideas for a Great Time

By the time you reach your 4th wedding anniversary, your life would pretty much have created its own routine and developed a life of its own, which makes it the perfect opportunity to break the rut, take charge and do something different.

There are many symbolic items associated with this anniversary, one of them being flowers representing the blossoming of a well grounded and fruitful relationship.

The thing to remember on your 4th anniversary is that you want to shake up the romance and, of course, flowers are very romantic, so are spa baths with tons of bubble bath and scented rose petals for added class. Gift wrap up a bottle of perfume or aftershave with some sexy lingerie or a fluffy bath robe to add a bit of spice.

To celebrate your 4th wedding anniversary, what could be better than to surprise your spouse with a week's vacation in a romantic wood cabin nestled between the trees in the Rockies Mountains. Take long walks hand in hand through the shaded paths and, when the sun sets behind the tall cliffs, cuddle up in front of roaring fires on thick rugs while sipping champagne and indulging in oysters.

If your budget allows, rent a romantic helicopter flip that will fly you over the city at night - these trips usually come with champagne and caviar, then have them drop you off at a roof top restaurant, where you can have dinner by candlelight. After dinner, you could go that extra mile and stay in a luxurious spa hotel complete with gift vouchers for a massage, fruit baskets and a bucket of their favorite chilled drink. What a romantic 4th wedding anniversary that would be.

Picnics fall very easily into the romantic category if you choose the right remote location, and with all the outdoor equipment now available, it should be a breeze to keep the drinks cold and the food warm. Try to pick a location that is close to a wild field of flowers, and pack some sensual fruits so you can stick to the traditional romantic symbols of a 4th wedding anniversary.

Another item which is symbolic of this anniversary is the crystal, so you could plan a tour of a nearby cave which has an abundance of crystal formations. With a bit of persuasion, you could even ask the owners if you could have a romantic dinner right inside the cave surrounded by nature's most beautiful rocks.

You could also have crystal glasses monogrammed with both of your initials and use them to serve the drinks while the crystal reflects streams of colored light all around you. Wouldn't that be a fantastic 4th wedding anniversary celebration?

It is often the small things that we overlook that count the most on a 4th wedding anniversary, so don't just rush out and buy roses; instead, take the extra time to make your anniversary a personal, heartfelt way of sharing your love and appreciation with your spouse. After all the planning, sit back, relax, and remember what it is about him or her that attracted you in the first place.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas for Celebrating Your 4th Wedding Anniversary?

Do YOU have in mind some wonderful ideas for 4th wedding anniversary celebration? Share and write about these fourth anniversary celebration ideas here!

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