3rd Year Anniversary Gifts - Ideas for Different Types of Presents

Are you wondering what are some good ideas for 3rd year anniversary gifts?

Throughout history, wedding anniversary gifts have been usable items which helped to symbolize the strength and durability of the married couple's relationship.

As the couple celebrates more anniversaries, they present each other with more "durable" gifts, so that by the time a couple reached their 50th anniversary, they are giving one another gold, because the marriage could stand the test of time.

Now, however, there are different takes on old traditional wedding gifts, and this is helping many people to enjoy more versatility when it comes to giving gifts. If, however, you are interested in a traditional anniversary gift and you need to find a 3rd year anniversary gift for your spouse, you will likely be searching for something which is made of leather.

Now, there are some really nice things which are made from leather, such as an expensive men's wallet or a watch with a leather band. Depending on how creative you would like to be, you can choose shoes and coats or jackets for the occasion as well.

For your wife, you can choose items such as designer handbags or purses, which often come in leather. You might also want to consider getting her something like a nice new pair of pumps (which she chooses, of course), or a coat or jacket, for 3rd year anniversary gifts.

If, however, you're not interested in sticking to traditional gifts in leather for your third anniversary gifts, you should know that many people have given up on leather for the more modern crystal, which might open your horizons a bit when it comes to gift giving.

Consider gifts such as those made of Waterford, Swarski or Lenox in crystal. You might be surprised at the wide range of items which are made of crystal. If you're looking for a nice crystal piece for your wife for your 3rd year anniversary gift, consider a crystal vase which you fill with roses, or candle holders to complement the crystal pieces she may already have. Decorative bowls are always a beautiful treasure to complement your "special" occasion tableware, and they can decorate any room.

If you're seeking 3rd year anniversary gifts which are a little different, and working to break away from the "daily grind" of life, you may want to consider getting your spouse some luggage and throw in a couple of tickets to wherever you would like to go. Consider a long weekend if you're pressed for time and money, or check out some of the really good deals you can get on Caribbean vacations now. This might offer the two of you a chance to reconnect and remember why the two of you fell in love in the first place.

A 3rd year anniversary gift can be difficult to choose because you want your spouse to know that you love him / her, but you also want him / her to get a gift that he / she is happy with. If you're still stumped, consider gifts which will stand the test of time, such as a piece of jewelry she's been eyeballing, or that watch that he has had his eye on for a while.

Ultimately, whatever you choose to give as 3rd year anniversary gifts, if it comes from the heart, it will be special to your spouse.

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