Romantic First Anniversary Gifts

Are you seeking fine ideas for romantic first anniversary gifts?

You are approaching the very special occasion of your first wedding anniversary. As this is the first major celebration you will have as a couple, it is important to mark the occasion with something extra special.

This article will provide you with some very nice and romantic first wedding anniversary gift ideas.

  • A Trail Of Love: Woo her or him on your first wedding anniversary by making a trail of love. For this, you need some rose petals from a florist, and leave a trail of these petals to a special destination in your house. Perhaps you have prepared a lovely dinner for two with candlelight - if that is the case, the petals can lead your spouse to the table.

  • 365 Reasons: This one is a true and time tested way of expressing all of your love again to your spouse on the special occasion of your first wedding anniversary. For this romantic first anniversary gift, you will require nothing more than 365 index cards or colored pieces of paper. Fill them each with a single reason why you love your partner until you have 365 reasons, one for each day of the year.

  • Love Poems: Nothing is more romantic than writing a personalized love poem for him or her on your first anniversary. If you feel a little awkward writing a love poem, then write a romantic love letter for your life partner, making him or her feel extra special. This will be a romantic first anniversary gift that he or she treasures forever.

  • The Anniversary Outlook: This is a unique anniversary gift and is inexpensive as well. Find a unique box and decorate it any way you like. Both of you can then write one anniversary wish down on a piece of paper. Make sure you each use different colors of paper so you know who is who. Add as many as you like, but make them easy, such as wishing for a foot massage. On the day of your anniversary, just pick out the pieces of paper one by one and try to do what is written on the paper. This is like many romantic first anniversary gifts in one! And you could save your box and reuse it for other anniversaries.

  • Love Coupons: Love coupons can be real entertaining and romantic first anniversary gifts. You can use the computer and the internet to find free love coupons, then simply print them off and let the fun begin. Let your life partner fill them with whatever they wish from you, and honor them on the day or night of your first wedding anniversary.

  • Handmade Paper Roses: Natural roses may die out, and so will their smell, so how about presenting your own handmade paper roses to your partner on your anniversary. You can personalize these romantic first anniversary gifts by using special papers or colors.

  • Tour Tickets: Make your first anniversary special by gifting your partner with tour tickets to a fantastic destination. Plan a romantic tour in advance and take him or her there on your anniversary.

  • Romantic Books: You can spice things up in your love life by presenting your partner with some romantic books on your 1st anniversary. This is a fun way to hint that you could use something new and unusual in your relationship.

  • Just Married.. Again!: Make your spouse feel all of the enjoyment that you had on your wedding day. Recreate your car with "just married", balloons, and even tin cans. Take him or her for a long drive in your romantic car and enjoy all the waves, honks, and smiles just like you did on your wedding day.

Make him or her fall in love with you all over again by presenting any of the above mentioned romantic first anniversary gifts.

Have fun!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas for Romantic First Anniversary Gifts?

Do YOU have in mind some wonderful ideas for romantic first anniversary gifts? Share and write about your ideas for great presents to fill the 1st wedding anniversary with romance here!

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