Choosing a 4th Anniversary Gift - Ideas for Presents

Traditionally, the idea behind the 4th anniversary gift should pertain to the fact that the couple is now "settled" into their marriage.

They are no longer newlyweds, yet they haven't reached the 5 year wedding anniversary milestone yet.

When purchasing a gift for a fourth anniversary, you should keep in mind where the couple is in terms of their housing. Sometimes, by the 4th year, a couple will have bought their own home, so their household items needs might have changed.

In addition, some couples either have or are expecting children by this time, so this is something else that you might want to keep in mind as well in deciding on a 4th anniversary gift. Although you are technically purchasing a gift for the couple celebrating the anniversary, you might want to consider giving them a "date night" with free babysitting service, for instance.

For the 4th wedding anniversary, the traditional anniversary gift is flowers. The modern anniversary gift is linen or silk. The flowers are meant to signify the "blossoming" partnership of the couple. The flowers themselves could actually be combined with the silk, making one potential 4th anniversary gift idea a beautiful arrangement of silk flowers.

Incidentally, the geranium is the official flower. Geraniums make nice potted plants that are easy to take care of. You might want to ignore the fact that, traditionally, one of the meanings behind the geranium is folly and stupidity - two things that most couples don't particularly want associated with their marriage. Instead, focus on the other meaning given to the popular flower, which is comfort and gentility.

If you're not sure about purchasing flowers for the couple, then you could consider flower-like 4th anniversary gift ideas. For instance, you might want to think about a gift certificate to a nursery if the couple in question likes to garden. Garden tools and floral scented candles are another idea.

These ideas could also be used and implemented by either spouse. If you're trying to find a 4th anniversary gift idea for your gardening husband, then garden tools or potted plants might be appreciated. Likewise, your wife might like the idea of having a gift certificate to pick out her own plants, or even a subscription to a gardening magazine.

Another contemporary gift idea for this particular anniversary is appliances. However, by this time, it might be difficult to judge what appliances the couple needs or wants, since they have presumably been living together for awhile now.

The official gemstone is blue topaz or blue zircon, both of which are beautiful stones and fairly inexpensive. If you are purchasing a gift for your wife for this anniversary, then a beautiful ring or necklace with a blue topaz stone is an excellent idea for 4th anniversary gifts. Blue topaz has a lovely color to it that's not too ostentatious or overwhelming, and it can be worn with a variety of clothing and colors.

Other traditional 4th anniversary gift ideas are different types of fruit. If you like the idea of doing something more along the lines of tradition, then you might want to consider combining the appliances and fruit approach and invest in a fondue maker, complete with the chocolate sauce and strawberries. Another idea would be to purchase a waffle iron, waffle mix, and fresh fruit to put on top of them. This can be a very good breakfast-in-bed gift for spouses who want to score extra points!

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What Are YOUR Favorite 4th Anniversary Gift Ideas?

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