Baby Shower Food Menu - Tips and Ideas to Guide Your Planning

Need some inspired ideas for a great baby shower food menu?

If you're throwing a baby shower, an important aspect to consider is food! Planning your baby shower menu can seem like a lot of work, but once everything else is planned, this might just be the easiest part of the party!

Don't forget that every baby shower needs a baby-themed cake, but beyond that are a variety of options for other goodies to serve up at your shindig.

If you're hosting a luncheon-type shower, the bulk of the menu is going to be on the hostess. Great, simple, and inexpensive ideas for your afternoon affair must start with your main item. A no-fail idea would be some type of sandwich. You could make them a bit ahead of time yourself, go to your local deli and request a three- to six- foot party sub, or you can go buffet style.

Going buffet style would mean simply buying all your items, from different kinds of bread, meat, cheese, and condiments, laying them out nicely on a table, and letting your guests make whatever kind of sandwich they prefer.

If you're going with a sandwich, sides for your baby shower food menu come easy. Whip up an easy whip cream, jello, and fresh fruit salad, and put out some bags of potato chips or pretzels, and you've got your meal. Don't forget to serve up some of that delicious cake, too!

Maybe the baby shower food menu you need to come up with is more of a Saturday afternoon / evening get-together, and you're inviting a lot of people. A good way to incorporate others and take some of the burden of all that food off yourself would be to turn your baby shower into a potluck. Be sure to include this on your invitations! Each RSVP you get, be sure to assign the person a category of food to bring.

The easiest way would be for you, the host of the party, to come up with the two main dishes (perhaps lasagna and grilled chicken), and then assign the rest on the baby shower food menu to the others. Be sure to be clear with your guests on whether you want them to bring a fruit, veggie, drink, or dessert.

Another good idea when doing this is to ask them if they know what they might bring, so you can write it down and try to avoid duplicates. This gets your guests involved, spreads the expense of the shower, and brings a wide variety of foods to the event.

If you're doing a quick shower, perhaps a small group of girlfriends or an office party, you may want to just simply do snacks for your baby shower food menu. Whip up a batch of trail mix using peanuts, raisins, chocolate candies, and candy corn, and put it in a decorative bowl. Make some homemade punch using sherbet ice cream and a lemon-lime soda.

Make some rice-cereal treats covered with pink, yellow, and blue sprinkles. Use a cookie cutter shaped like a baby bottle or carriage, and serve on a lovely ceramic platter. Be sure to include items that do not have peanuts or peanut butter, to avoid allergy concerns.

Whatever type of party you are hosting, your baby shower food menu planning can be simple. Remember these suggestions, but use your own imagination and likes, as well as those of the guest-of-honor, and your choices are sure to be hits!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for a Baby Shower Food Menu?

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