Baby Shower Checklist - To Do List for Planning Baby Showers

A baby shower checklist is essential if you find yourself in the position of planning for this event.

Like any other major event, you'll want to have a gathering that is fun for the guests and beneficial for the parents to be. This means that you'll want to incorporate much more than snacks and presents - you want to make sure that you have everything planned out.

There are many different kinds of baby shower checklists, but if you've never planned this type of event before, you're going to want something comprehensive with a sort of calendar or timeline for you to follow. Look for the following timeframes in a checklist for baby showers for the most organized event possible:

Nine to ten weeks before the event

This part of the baby shower checklist should cover essential factors such as who hosts the shower and the budget for the event. These days, it's usually acceptable for anyone who is close to the expectant parents to host the baby shower, but in the interest of budgeting and costs, many will choose to co-host a gathering of this kind.

It's also about time to set the date for the shower and plan the guest list. Unlike bridal showers, baby showers tend to be a more intimate affair, but you'll have to decide if you want a co-ed baby shower and who should be invited.

When it comes to the shower date, you'll want to talk to friends and family members who are far away, and you'll also want to plan the date for about a month or so before the baby's due date. This will ensure that the parents to be are able to get everything returned, put away and ready for the baby.

Six weeks to one month before the event

This part of your baby shower checklist should cover things such as sending out invitations, shopping for decorations and planning a theme. This will help you to stay organized and spreading out things that you will have to do that involve money can help to ease the strain on any budgets.

You'll also need to choose and order a cake and make it easy for the guest of honor by choosing thank you cards and even addressing the envelopes. Your baby shower checklist will probably recommend that you choose games for your guests to play during this time and this is a good time to do so.

It's about six weeks to a month before the shower that you should start enlisting help for the baby shower. Your shower checklist might have individual listings for the help you need, or it might just have you enlist help. You should choose the checklist that will work for you.

One week to one day before the event

At this time, many good baby shower checklists will have you doing things such as planning to transport gifts, following up on the people who haven't RSVP'd, and choosing someone to be the photographer of the event. You'll also find that this is a good time to do any grocery shopping you can, and start cooking and freezing what you can if you're having the baby shower at your home.

Your baby shower checklist will probably tell you to clean your house, if this is where you're having the shower, about a week before the event, and complete your shopping at about the third day. This is also a good time to put all goodie bags together and have them completed and ready to hand out.

The day before the baby shower, you should do the quick clean up and lay out your party space. Arrange all of your furniture in a way that is suiting to the party and decorate the space. If you're holding the baby shower in another location, you should set up all the tables, with place cards if applicable, and decorate the space the day before your event.

The day of the baby shower

Any good baby shower checklist will remember that there are still things you will have to do on the day of the party. You should have finished the bulk of your hard work, but you will probably still need to pick up the cake and choose someone who will be willing to help the mother to be by writing down what gifts were received and who the givers were.

A baby shower is a huge endeavor, but when you have a good baby shower checklist, you'll find that you can not only pull this off, but that it's easier than you really thought it could be.

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