Coed Baby Shower - Planning Ideas and Tips

Are you planning a coed baby shower and not sure how to go about it?

These days, when a couple is having a baby, it's pretty likely that the man will be just as involved in the process as the soon to be mom, so why not include him and all his friends in the baby shower festivities?

You can have a co-ed baby shower that will be fun and suited to both men and women when you do it right.

First things first

While it's fun to be "cutesy" and girly when it comes to baby showers, remember you're having a coed baby shower, so you might want to consider being a little (but not much) less cute. This will make the men in your man's life comfortable about attending your festivities. You want plenty of men to come to the party, so that the dad to be won't be feeling uncomfortable being there.

Since you're working to make sure that men don't feel as if they are stepping into some mysterious and frightening female tradition, you should start with the invitations. Of course you don't want it to be so casual that everyone forgets that it is a baby shower, but you might need to consider designing your invitations so you can clearly word them and ensure that the guys in your lives come to your shower too.

Hold the games, not the food

At a traditional baby shower, it's likely that there will be food, but it's not the main event. In traditional baby showers, there are all kinds of games that are cute and kind of fun for ladies, but unfortunately, men just won't get it. For this reason, it's really important to shift the focus from games to food. This will help all the men at the coed baby shower to feel comfortable and have fun without feeling like they have to play pin the diaper on the baby.

And if you really want to play games, make sure you plan some coed baby shower games.

When it's time for gifts

Since you are having a baby and it is traditional to open all the gifts in front of the guests, why not let your guy share in the joys of opening presents with you? After all, it's his baby, too, plus, this can be really funny - especially if he hasn't a clue what he just opened. Of course you don't want to embarrass him, but sometimes a little comic relief is great, and the dad to be at your coed baby shower may just be willing to offer this.

Plus, it's important to let the dad open some presents because his friends will be there, too. Oh, and speaking of gifts and gifts that guys will get, it's a good idea to make sure to include information about where you're registered, so that everyone will have an easy time choosing gifts for your coed baby shower.

Just remember that when you're offering favors, you are giving to guys too, so focus on something little and fun that anyone can use. Or, if you choose to have a themed baby shower, such as an eco-friendly baby shower, you might find that offering a favor like a potted seedling is a great favor that you can give anyone at your party.

Have fun planning your coed baby shower!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for a Coed Baby Shower?

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