Baby Shower Menu Ideas - Suggestions for Foods to Serve Your Guests

Are you scratching your head for baby shower menu ideas and wondering what food to serve your party guests?

There are two main steps to planning a baby shower menu.

First, decide when you will be having the shower and whether you will be serving appetizers, a brunch, or finger foods and several dessert choices. The second is to remember just to keep it simple. The hostess has enough to do without being stuck in the kitchen cooking.

Evening showers are the best time to serve finger foods and desserts. Often, they are given after the dinner hour so there is a good chance some guests have already eaten. An assortment of chips and dips, a vegetable tray with plenty of cut up pieces your guests can pop in their mouths with the least amount of mess or fuss. Cookies are also in order for an evening shower, as are candies such as mints, M&Ms or dry roasted peanuts.

Appetizers are perfect for showers hosted in the late afternoon before the dinner hour. These foods can whet the appetite without ruining it.

For such baby shower menu ideas, try small sandwiches such as ham and cheddar or turkey and Swizz. BBQ sausages can be stuck with toothpicks and served with a variety of crackers. Crescent rolls can be separated and cut in half and baked rolled up with bits of cheddar, spices and seeds that will complement its already good taste. And, of course, there is always pizza cut in small pieces with a toothpick stuck in each.

How about baby shower menu ideas for mid-morning baby showers? This is the perfect time for a brunch or a tea party. The main dish for the brunch can be a luscious sweet pastry with a fruit salad topped with a tangy sweet dressing or a quiche with fruit kabobs, twisted pastry strips dusted in cinnamon and sugar, along with a sparkling beverage.

For the quiche, choose three cheeses (3/4c each) to mix with 6 eggs, 3/4c milk, 1c half & half, 1T flour and onion or herbs of your choice. Bake in a 9" pie shell at 450 degrees for about an hour, using a knife inserted in the center as your guide for being done. Many basic recipes can be found on the internet and fixed easily ahead of time. Most quiches are better after they have had time to set anyway.

Fresh fruit can be jazzed up and presented in a number of ways. Here is one possible baby shower menu idea - cut up fruit in season can be served on a platter evenly laid out according to colors and served with a sweet dip or a complementing dressing. They can be piled in a bowl or a hollowed out watermelon that can be spooned out, or taken out with toothpicks. Fruit is also great skewered - pineapple, strawberries, watermelon, kiwi, cantaloupe, grapes or honeydew, and served as kabobs.

If you opt for a tea party, brew several pots of different flavors and label each pot as you set them on the table - chamomile, black, green, spiced, jasmine, etc. For accomplishments, set out honey, sugar, sweetener and cream. Serve with scones fresh out of the oven and several flavors of sweet conserves.

The main thing to planning baby shower menu ideas is to take into consideration the crowd you will be serving. Women are relatively easy to please whether it is dainty tea party foods or pizza on a napkin. Men would not do as well at a chocolate party as they would a finger food party with chips and sandwich fixings.

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