Baby Shower Menus - Tips and Ideas for the Party Food

Do you need some ideas for baby shower menus?

For many, one of the most important parts of baby shower planning is in the menu you choose to have.

You should know that there are a couple of different ways you can plan this, depending on whether you want to have a luncheon style baby shower, or you would rather have your shower in the afternoon and provide finger foods instead. No matter how you want to plan your event, you still want to have some great menu ideas in place that will allow you to pull off a fabulous party and not have to cook for most of the day.

Here are some useful baby shower menu ideas.

  • Finger foods can be less expensive than ordering or making full meals, and you might find that you have a really good time with these little snacks. If you're planning to have your event catered or are going to have your baby shower at a restaurant or banquet type of setting, then it's likely that you'll have help choosing the appetizers you would like, but if you're like many and are having the celebration at your home, you might need a little help with your plans.

  • You can always do well with "trays" of appetizers, such as several different types of cheese and gourmet crackers or fresh fruits and veggies, but that's not all there is to having finger foods at your baby shower. Consider great additions to your baby shower menus such as tortilla roll ups, grilled shrimp, quesadillas, layered nacho dip, cucumber sandwiches and smoked salmon tea sandwiches.

  • If you're planning a luncheon style baby shower, and you're planning to have it in your home, consider baked pasta, such as lasagna, which you can make the night before and pop in the oven when you're ready.

  • Sandwiches are also great for luncheon style baby shower menus. You can order these from your favorite sandwich shop, or get the supplies and lay them out for people to choose what they really want.

  • Never underestimate the power of salads. When you add everything from your favorite pasta salad to a chicken oriental salad or a mandarin orange spinach salad, you'll find that your guests keep coming back for more because they are so flavorful and refreshing.

  • Don't forget the cake. Cake is not only the traditional way of celebrating your occasion, but it also serves as a dessert, so no matter whether you choose a well decorated sheet cake or would prefer something more glamorous and decorated, this is something that all of your guests will be looking forward to.

Baby shower menu planning might seem confusing and frustrating, but once you've chosen the type of shower you would like to have and the difficulty level of the food preparation, you'll find that you can not only pull off a great baby shower, but you might have found a great menu for your occasion which you can use again and again.

Don't forget to offer drinks at your baby shower, too. Most often, a punch is made, and you should keep in mind that if you will be offering alcoholic beverages, they should be kept light and weak. And remember that many people feel it's inappropriate to "drink" at a baby shower, so have plenty of non-alcoholic beverages at your party too.

More ideas for baby shower menus can be found on the rest of this website, so be sure to browse around, or to use its search function.

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