Baby Shower Finger Foods - Simple Yet Delicious Menu Choices

Are you wondering what baby shower finger foods to serve at your party celebration?

Baby showers can be simple or elaborate, depending on the financial bracket of the expectant mother as well as the gifts. Foods for a baby shower can range from lunch complete with appetizers to the very simplest of snack foods.

While almost anything goes, finger foods have become a favorite because they are relatively easy to prepare, easy on the stomach, and easy to serve to guests seated all over the living room.

While an array of luncheon type finger food versus cake, ice cream, mints, nuts and punch can be a food challenge for any baby shower menu planner, and both are equally popular, a combination of the two can solve the issue and please the taste buds of a greater number people.

Because many more living rooms serve as the dining room at the average baby shower, finger foods are quite practical. Baby shower finger foods can be quite tasty as well, without being a headache to prepare. This is especially good for the showers being planned by just one or two people.

For a main meal consisting of baby shower finger foods, choose such items as chicken nuggets prepared with boneless, skinless chicken breast and buttermilk baked to perfection in a moderately hot oven while other preparations are being attended to (about 10 to 12 minutes). Serve it along with baked potato wedges with Ranch, BBQ or honey mustard sauce.

Deviled eggs are always a hit, especially when served with sliced raw vegetables, olives, cherry tomatoes and a sour cream dip. They, too, are as simple to make as boiling eggs and stirring in mayonnaise and spices with the yolks.

Pizza bread with either vegetables or pepperoni is popular as baby shower finger foods, as are most types of small sandwiches. Deli meats and cheese work well, but do not forget those cute little cucumber and cream cheese quarter sandwiches made with multi grain bread. All of these take little time to prepare and turn out very well as crowd pleasers. You might also consider stuffed mushrooms with cheddar cheese, or vegetarian summer egg rolls with Hoisin Peanut sauce.

If cake, ice cream, mints, nut and punch are on the baby shower finger food menu, there are some great choices in most traditional cook books, on the internet or in ready mix boxes on the local grocer's shelves. There are more flavors of ice cream than cake flavors nowadays. Mints will always be great whether they are homemade (cream cheese, powdered sugar and mint) or store bought. Caramel corn is inexpensive, tastes great, and though it takes a little longer to prepare, it is well worth the effort.

For the nut choices, other than the standard party mix, consider toasted almond, cashew crunch, and spiced or sweet pecans, which are quite tasty and go well with other party mixes such as Chex cereal mix or seasoned oyster crackers.

Last but not least for baby shower finger foods is the party punch. You can make it with as few (lemon / lime carbonated drink, a green colored punch and vanilla ice cream) ingredients or as many as you would like, and it can be colored pink or blue for the occasion.

Bon appetit!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for Baby Shower Finger Foods?

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