Tea Party Baby Shower - Tips and Ideas for this Theme

Do you need some tips and ideas for a tea party baby shower?

Welcoming a new baby into the home is an exciting and exhilarating experience which starts when the mom-to-be celebrates with a baby shower.

Often, the baby shower has a theme, and one of the most popular themes is the tea party. A tea party baby shower can simulate a Victorian tea party, where everyone sits around in their fancy dress, drinks tea and enjoys delectable bite sized snacks.

A tea party baby shower can be the perfect opportunity for the mom-to-be and all the guests to wear hats of all sizes, shapes and colors, as well as to dress in their most elegant dresses. Most of the guests will relish the opportunity to dig out their finery from the back of the closet, dust off their jewelry and finally wear that special pair of shoes sitting in their tissue wrapped box.

To add a nice elegant touch, mom-to-be and the guests can wear sparkling elegant gloves that will complement their dainty clutch handbags.

The most famous bite sized treat usually served at a Victorian style tea party is a cucumber sandwich, which is made with thinly sliced cucumber sandwiched between crustless bread spread with real butter. Another ancient culinary delight is the petit fours, which is made with plain sponge cake cut in half and spread with flavored fresh cream. The sponge cake is then cut into bite sized squares, iced with royal icing sugar and decorated with fancy icing pictures.

Serve these delectable snacks with an assortment of teas from the around the world which are easily obtained from your local grocery store. To add an interesting touch, place the teas in a creatively decorated box with a label explaining where the tea comes from, and if there are any healing or health properties associated with it.

The tea for your tea party baby shower needs to be prepared in proper tea pots which need to be warmed by swirling boiling water around the bottom and then pouring the water out. You can then add the desired flavored tea and fill the tea pot with hot (not boiling water - as the tea leaves will lose their flavor) water. The tea needs to be left in the tea pot for about four to five minutes to draw all the flavors and aromas into the hot water.

Once the tea is ready, pour it into matching tea cups which are placed on saucers with teaspoons on the side. Fill a sugar basin with real lumps of brown and white sugar, and a milk jug should be filled with creamy milk so that the guests of your tea party baby shower can make their perfect cup of tea.

To finish off the look and feel of the tea party baby shower, decorate the table cloth with painted tea pots and tea cups in different colors so that the table looks lively and interesting. Make place names for the table setting by cutting out tea pots from cardstock and writing the guests' names on them.

The mom-to-be will really enjoy this tea party themed baby shower and will remember the day for many years to come. Have fun!

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Tea Party Baby Shower - Tips and Ideas for this Theme

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