Western or Cowboy Baby Shower - Inspired Ideas and Tips

Do you need some inspiration and ideas for planning a western or cowboy baby shower?

Celebrating the coming of a new born baby boy is a perfect opportunity to throw a cowboy themed baby shower. All boys go through a stage of wanting to be a cowboy, so what better way to start the experience early and use the photographs and memorabilia for your baby boy's first year book.

For your cowboy baby shower, get all the guests to come dressed up as cowboys with cowboy hats, leather leggings and of course, don't forget the cowboy boots with spurs. Arrange bales of hay all round the room for everyone to sit on, and use one bale on top of another one to make a center table. The bales of hay can also be used to display the gifts brought by the guests.

Cover the tables made from bales of hay with checkered table cloths to add flair of bright color, and serve all manner of interesting goodies on small plates with checkered serviettes to match the table cloths.

For your western or cowboy baby shower, you can also serve miniature cup cakes in the shape of a hat by mixing a basic cup cake mixture and pouring it into small paper cups, then baking as directed in the recipe until golden brown on top. Decorate the cup cakes with brown or black icing spread over the top, and use a small round biscuit to form the rim of the cowboy hat. Add a round piece of licorice or any other favorite sweet to form the shape of the body of the cowboy hat.

Make a few small horses out of paper Mache ahead of time to use on the tables as a center piece instead of flowers. These horses can be decorated with bright colored painted saddles, and they can even double up as place markers if the guests' names are written on them.

Need more western or cowboy baby shower ideas?

You could hang up a horse shaped pinata filled with loads of baby stuff like dummies, bottles, teats, nappies, bibs and baby toiletries, which the guests can take turns hitting with a soft bat. Once the pinata has broken and spilled its contents, let the mom see how much of the goodies she can pick up and put into a saddle-like bag in 30 seconds without help from anyone else.

Pin the tail on the horse is also a great game to play at a cowboy baby shower. Make a huge poster of a horse painted in bright colors with black dots on. On each dot, write the name of a baby item which will be the prize if the tail is pinned on that dot; these items can also be added to the saddle bag.

Make a mixture of milk, soda and cake decoration sprinkles for the mom to drink out of a big baby bottle. The worse the mixture looks, the more fun it will be to get the mom to drink it. Instead of dressing the mom in a nappy, make a nappy shaped piece of leather which looks almost like a saddle and tie it on with a huge safety pin.

All these ideas will definitely make for a fun and exciting cowboy baby shower. Enjoy your western celebration!

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